How to change a diesel particulate filter

change a diesel particulate filter

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How do you change a diesel particulate filter? Our guide outlines the steps to change the filter, and what you need to know about it.

The diesel particulate filter looks like a muffler from an exhaust. But while the silencer is usually almost at the end of the exhaust pipe, the diesel particulate filter sits close to the engine.

The heat from the engine helps to heat the diesel particulate filter faster and then burn the soot particles very quickly.

If the diesel particulate filter warning light is on, you should first try using a diesel particulate filter cleaner – it is much cheaper than changing the diesel particulate filter.

If that doesn’t work, the next step is to replace the diesel particulate filter with a new one. You can buy a new one and do the replacement yourself to save money on repairs.

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How to change a diesel particulate filter

1. Jack up the car

Park the car on a flat surface and jack it up or lift it onto a lift. Take a look at this car lifts review from CarBibles to choose the right one for your home garage.

You must have access to the center of the car from below to change the diesel particulate filter. You will have to work there for a while, so make sure that it is raised high and stable.

2. Find the suitable diesel particulate filter

Diesel particulate filters vary in size, color, and shape, but they’re usually an enlarged part of the exhaust system, a pipe that sits relatively close to the engine under the car.

If you cannot find the diesel particulate filter, you can check the service manual for your vehicle to find out where it is on your car model.

3. Loosen the screws

Study the diesel particulate filter for a moment and familiarize yourself with how it sits. If there is anything special, you should take notes so that you remember how to attach the new diesel particulate filter. Take some pictures if necessary so that you are not in doubt.

Remove all screws that hold the diesel particulate filter in place. Place them in a small bowl or other container so they don’t go away, because you’ll need them again later.

You should be able to remove the entire filter at once without having to disassemble it. The new filter will also be complete (connections, filters and heat shield).

4. Installation of the new filter

Please take a moment to look at the photos you took before removing the old filter. Now mount the new filter in the same way. You should now be able to tighten the screws as they were on the old filter.

5. Check for a secure fit and tightness

Use your fingers to feel that everything is properly tightened. Even a connection that is a little loose causes major problems, such as insufficient pressure and the release of toxic fumes.

6. Lower the car again

Remove all spare parts and tools under the car. Lower the car so that you can drive the car.

7. Check the work done

Take a 15-minute drive in the car, preferably on an unpaved road, where you can slow down a little until the diesel filter lamp is off.

When other lamps start to glow, you may have touched something you shouldn’t have touched. Immediately drive aside and find out what’s wrong.

If everything works as desired, you have completed the change perfectly.

8. Care

Remember to use the Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner regularly so that the filter lasts as long as possible.