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How to care for carpets properly: 7 things to watch out for

How to care for carpets

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Outlines the things you should watch out for in how to care for carpets properly, so you can keep them maintained in excellent shape for years.

Some of the qualities that are considered while buying a new carpet are how well it blends in with the decor and the comfort it provides. Carpets should be comfortable and easy to maintain.

A luxurious carpet is something every homeowner dreams of owning. Buying a carpet means investing a lot of money. Having said that carpets are not bought as frequently as clothes. Therefore, they should be maintained with utmost care. 

How to care for carpets: 7 things to watch out for

Wear and tear are common in every home environment. In order to have the carpets last longer without losing much of its original qualities like thickness and shine of the fibre, here are some things that should be avoided.


Natural sunlight is one of the primary elements of a happy living space. Nothing compares to waking up to a sunny day. Carpets or rugs can be both antique or synthetic. Synthetic rugs lose their colour rapidly because of accelerated fading of the synthetic dyes that are used in their manufacture as compared to the antique ones. Use of UV protective films on the windows can always help in protecting the carpet’s colour and fibre. 


Not cleaning the carpets regularly can lead to stains and debris build-up on its surface. Cleaning irregularly or not vacuuming at all allows these stains and debris to settle in and become permanent. A lot of floor scrubbers are for sale in the market that are designed for each type of a carpet. Cleaning regularly is definitely a routine that should be followed religiously in how to care for carpets properly. 


No matter how strong and durable your carpet is claimed to be, it is always vulnerable for the simple reason that a home is never free of any activity. Precaution is always better than cure; it always keeps you aware and ahead. For pet owners, their pets can be a great source of happiness and peace.

But their rogue activities can wreak havoc on the carpets. Chewing, scratching and gnawing by dogs or cats can damage a carpet permanently. Dogs or cats need to be trained to stop them from chewing and scratching heavily on carpet surfaces. New, untrained pets are responsible for staining carpets because of their peeing and pooping on the carpets. 


Unwanted moisture can give rise to mold or mildew in and around carpets. Also, unwanted moisture is a breeding ground for larvae and pest infestation. It is advisable to always keep the surroundings of a carpet area moisture-free. Carpet cleaners that are for sale in the market use little water in combination with cleaning chemicals for cleansing carpets. Try to avoid having planters on the carpet or any machinery like a washing machine that could cause a moisture buildup on your carpets. 


Insects and pests like moths and carpet beetles are true monsters when it comes to carpets. They eat up the carpets slowly but steadily. The larvae are the real culprits when it comes to the scale of damage. When the larva hatches, it eats up the fibre it has been laid on, reducing it to soot and damaging it completely. 


Treating stains and spills on the carpets right in time goes a long way. Untreated stains become permanent without an immediate treatment causing your carpet to wear out sooner than it should.

Proceed in five steps:

  1. Soak up liquids with paper (kitchen roll, speed bag) or clean cloth cloth, pick up sticky or thickened with a knife back. Vacuum dry, loose dirt with the vacuum cleaner. Never rub stains, just pat. Otherwise, the carpet fibres mattor or twist. Always treat polluted areas from the outside edge to the inside.
  2. Many stains can be removed with lukewarm water. Do not add detergent or detergent to the warm water – it promotes re-pollution. Repeatedly pat from the edge to the inside and soak up liquid again and again – avoid rubbing.
  3. Resist the stain of the distance with warm water, get to the bottom of it with a carpet cleaner. Please note the recommended use on the package. Do the dissolved substance of the stain more often carefully with kitchen crepe. Important: By rubbing, spread and enlarge the stain. If dark rings or water wreaths remain after stain treatment, the carpet is completely dirty and should be cleaned intensively.
  4. It may not be the first time the stain comes out. Repeat the treatment until you see nothing. Finally rinse with water, pat it carefully with a cloth or paper towel. Let the carpet dry, then go thoroughly over the stain with the vacuum cleaner. Before each cleaning attempt, first ice-cream with ice cubes and smash them with a hammer. Remove the fragmented particles immediately by vacuum cleaner. Then treat the stain with carpet cleaner.
  5. Particularly stubborn stains and dirt residues disappear with solvent-containing Stain remover. Caution: These agents damage wool carpets. Do not pour the stain remover directly onto the carpet, but soak a cloth – otherwise the back coating of the carpet will dissolve.

Being careful always goes a long way in how to care for carpets. Avoiding extreme activities and the use of chemicals on the carpets should be done after a lot of thinking. Checking on the carpet area after regular intervals is always a good idea.

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