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How to build a miniature pond on a terrace

miniature pond

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You can enhance your garden and expand your living space when you build a miniature pond on an existing terrace — or build a completely new terrace to include the pond. We’ll show you how it works on a paved terrace. Also conceivable are variants with patio slabs or a terrace with wooden planks.

In any case, a solid, load-bearing substructure, which not only supplies the frame for the mortar troughs, but also has to be coordinated with the terrace in terms of orientation and height, is very important. It is important to consider the stone, board or board dimensions, so that the small pond system does not fall out of the grid. In a new plant, the slight slope must not be forgotten, which ensures that drain rainwater from the house.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

The material for the substructure: The classic 25 x 100 cm large, 5 cm thick lawn curbs with tongue and groove are available in the building materials trade and in hardware stores. 

Build a miniature pond: retaining walls in drywall

You need mortar tubs for our construction idea, but you do not have to be a bricklayer. After all, the tubs serve as pond basins, and mortar is only needed for the clinker bricks that form the edge of the terrace and the beds. The retaining walls are used dry.

After filling, the soil is pushed laterally onto the grass curbs, and inside they are held in place by the T-shaped multipurpose curbs, which are set up in pairs. This results in a distance of about 47 cm, which corresponds to the external dimensions of the basin. In the mortar troughs, only the outside protruding handles must be cut with a cutter, then it fits.

In the other direction, the distance between the walls is 80 cm. The tubs are a bit shorter, but the edge of the clinker is slightly overhanging and, due to the stone size of 20 x 10 x 5.2 cm, the 10/20 cm grid.

Depending on the material used, however, you have to make your own plan. Be sure to check the dimensions of your paving stones (try out in a bandage and possibly consider joints). Even with a wooden construction, the actual board widths may differ from the information in the brochure or hardware store.

And another tip: calculate and measure once more. Exact planning and precise work is the most important thing in this project. Keep the correct distances and angles to the terrace and take into account when measuring the level that the mortar is still applied in the area of ​​the basins. The frame made of concrete slabs must be aligned to the centimeter, so that there are no problems with wrong distances when laying the pavers.

Build a miniature pond on the terrace: Instructions

build a miniature pond on a terrace

As a terrace boundary to the garden, 1 meter long grass curbs are buried parallel to the house wall. The round edge down.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

Flower beds within the patio receive a root barrier made of plastic.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

For the frames of the mortar troughs the T-shaped multipurpose curbs are used.
Their upper edges should be exactly 5 cm higher than the previously installed lawn edges, in order to then finish flush with a plate laid flat as a mowing edge.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

Align the multipurpose curbs at right angles to the house wall with a slight slope to the garden.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

So that the paving stones later receive sufficient support surface and thus the publisher grid rises, the long partition between two basins is doubled. The height of the multipurpose curbs can be achieved by lining the partition with 12 cm high stones.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

With laying sand the bed for the mortar tubs is prepared. Compact, pull smoothly, check the height (30 cm to the edge). Try the tub and fill it with water.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

In the entire area of ​​the terrace bring in sand and compact.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

Also, the mowing edge is aligned in the sand bed before …

build a miniature pond on a terrace

…the paving bricks come with ready-mixed mortar on it. Moisten the plate and stones.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

Apply clinker, align and tap – with a slight overhang towards the house so that it matches the laying pattern on the pool.

build a miniature pond on a terrace

All clinkers that are not in the dressing are set with mortar. Exception: the bridge on the narrow edges between the pools.

Tap the blocks. Always check direction and incline.

Place curbs. Check direction and incline.

Level the sand bed. If the curbs are fixed, the terrace surface can be paved. To do this, remove the compacted sand bed evenly using a straightedge or board and spirit level. Level height and incline.

Insert the paving stones straight from the top. Neither tilt nor push, otherwise suffers the sand bed. Put as few cross joints as possible to achieve a solid bond.

Level the laid pavement with a tapping wood.

Sweep the sand into the joints and tamp with water-sand slurry.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.