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How to boost referral traffic by 300% in a month: 5 strategies

Boost referral traffic

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The following “how-to” guide is aimed at helping website owners better understand modern growth tactics and most importantly, to share their sites with the most appropriate users who need to enjoy the content they created. Key to this is the ability to boost referral traffic and increase the brand’s customer base.

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Did you know:

  • The way to consistently drive traffic to your website is commonly misunderstood — with a significant amount of starting digital analysts relying solely on SEO.
  • In truth, SEO takes a significant amount of time to produce effective results and consequently must be done in conjunction with several other marketing campaignsincluding awesome writing skills. 

5 Strategies to boost referral traffic the smart way

  1. Avoid Press Release Providers with Inauthentic Content

This point may seem obvious to some, but a bit of research will quickly show that the vast majority of online distribution platforms do not currently hire their own in-house journalists. Consequently, they are usually unable to provide authentic, memorable content that is not associated with ‘press release’ or ‘sponsored’ tags- which do little more than decrease your brand’s credibility — and certainly will not boost referral traffic.

The notable exception is Sitetrail which- as noted in the recent Press Release Buying Guide comparing PR Newswire VS PRWeb VS Businesswire, is currently the only provider capable of offering unique content due to its in-house team of journalists and eminence in the field.

The benefits of working with platforms that provide authentic content can easily be illustrated in Sitetrail’s case. Representing customers in a plethora of different industries- including E-commerce, B2B and Amazon, Sitetrail has allowed its customers to effectively shortcut into eminent publication platforms and saved them thousands of dollars in monetary costs.

2. Utilize Ego-Bait Content

Ego-bait refers to the skill of essentially crafting ‘sponsored’ content for other bloggers or entrepreneurs in a way that puts them in a positive spotlight and generates significant traffic for them.

In doing so, you are taking advantage of the fact that they are likely to either share your article or create inbound links into your website and send extra traffic and professional opportunities your way — as you have ‘appealed’ to their ego and it’s in their monetary interest to do so.

Always remember, this is a way to encapsulate mutual monetary interests and capitalize on human ego to build your site. It should never be taken to the extent of dishonest or deceptive promotion as that will undoubtedly negatively impact your brand image and lead to a less loyal reader-base in the long term.

3. Build Offline Relationships

As previously mentioned, successfully increasing your online traffic is a multifaceted issue. Believe it or not, momentarily stepping away from the world of search engines and google algorithms and actively engaging in offline conversations and lectures in local events can make a huge impact on your online presence. 

Connecting with people on a one-on-one level can allow you to:

  1. build memorable relationships with new partners;
  2. expand your reach and professional opportunities; and
  3. most importantly, consistently introduce your brand’s name to a large audience.

Eventually, your brand will expand and you’ll become an eminent figure in your industry- capable of making income from both ‘referral traffic’ and ‘speaking fees’.

4. Engage in Social Media Networks.

The importance of networking and social media in a marketing campaign should not be underestimated. Data from HubSpot has indicated that, in fact, over 80% of online marketing analysts categorize social media as a ‘key marketing platform’ for their business.

When done right, incorporating social media in your traffic marketing strategy can allow you to significantly proliferate your online presence, target new audiences daily and greatly expand your reader base.

Try to stay away from both: a) inconsistent levels of posting- as a post or two will not in itself  affect your traffic in any major way, and b) ignoring timing- take your time to perform adequate research into your relevant target audience and the most advantageous time for your publications.

5. Strategically Engage in Comment Sections

When done strategically, engaging in comment sections can be a great way to generate new traffic for your website.

This is because by posting authentic, high-value comments in relevant sections you are indirectly introducing yourself to brand new audiences daily. The high quality of your posts will speak for itself and will naturally lead immersed readers into attempting to ascertain who you are, what you know, and — most importantly — what they can learn from you. By clicking on your name, they will naturally stumble onto your website and increase your overall traffic.

When planning your marketing campaign, always ensure you are both: a) commenting on the correct blogs- meaning the ones that are likely to attract audiences that would benefit from your work and b) appeal to your audience through your writing; overly specific or technical language will do nothing but lose your reader’s attention if they have no idea what you are talking about.

Final take:

The rules of the game are well-documented in mainstream news. Website owners can simply follow these guidelines to see better results. What are you waiting for?