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How to: best ways to save water flushing the toilet

best ways to save water flushing the toilet

What are the best ways to save water flushing the toilet? Our guide outlines 5 ways you can do this and save an incredible amount of water every day — including the clever, quick, ‘brick trick’.

Water is an important commodity, which is why we should not waste it wastefully. This also applies when using the toilet. Here you can save a lot of water and thus money.

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Almost every household today tries to reduce heating costs , save electricity and spend less money on shopping. But what about saving water? After all, we use around 35 liters of water per head and day to flush the toilet. That is 12,775 liters of water per person per year! 

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The water consumption of the toilet is therefore not to be underestimated. The bad thing: valuable toilet water is used to flush the toilet. So speak the water that is available as a scarce resource on our earth. And it is precisely with this resource that we should not be so wasteful. So take a few minutes and check whether you might not be able to save some water and thus a lot of money when flushing the toilet.

5 best ways to save water flushing the toilet

Tip 1 – Retrofit water stop:

If you want to reduce water consumption when using the toilet, it is advisable to provide the cistern with a water stop. This is simply hung in the bell of the cistern. If you now operate the toilet flush and release the flush button again, the water stop automatically lowers due to its own weight, which stops the water flow directly. This saves 50 percent and even more water. Retrofitting is also very easy. In addition, a water stop does not cost much. So it is not difficult and expensive to reduce water costs .

Tip 2 – replace cistern:

Of course, you can also replace the old cistern with a new and much more economical cistern. Here you have to expect costs from 150 to about 200 euros. You will have the money out quickly. Thanks to the economical cistern, the cost of water consumption in a four-person household can be reduced by around 150 euros within just one year. This is possible thanks to flushing systems that only use 3 to 6 liters or often only 3 to 4.5 liters of water. 

Tip 3 – Use rainwater for flushing the toilet:

If you really want to use your toilet sparingly, you should consider purchasing a rainwater harvesting system. With the help of this system the rainwater is collected and stored. The toilet is then supplied with rainwater from the tank via separate pipes. You can also use the system to water your garden. This way you can save up to 50 percent drinking water in the household. A four-person household can replace around 40 cubic meters of drinking water a year with rainwater harvesting. This corresponds to savings of up to 300 euros per year.

Tip 4 – Check the cistern regularly for damage:

If water keeps running in the toilet bowl, this is a very clear sign that the cistern is leaking. If you realize that, then you should act quickly, because after all, many liters of water can run into the sewer unused every day. This is not just a waste of water, but also a waste of money. So repair the cistern yourself as soon as possible or commission a craftsman to do it.

Tip 5 – The brick trick

This is a great way to save water if you don’t want to be bothered with upgrading your toilet, cistern or rainwater collection yet. Simply get a house brick (or even a couple of half bricks) and place them in the cistern. This will cut back the amount of water that fills the cistern with every flush. Some people even put a full AND a half brick in, or two bricks. Test to see what works best for you, but of course make sure the bricks are clear of any of the cistern’s moving parts. If you don’t have access to bricks, a plastic bottle filled with gravel also works quite well if you are sure it has a level enough base to stand up.