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How to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

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What are the best ways to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast? Our guide shows you the smart methods to win the games — and what NOT to do.

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Don’t fall for scams

Do NOT believe the scams offering unlimited free coins or unlimited free lives. All they get you to do is download an app or game onto your device ‘to verify you are not a bot’ … they get paid for the download and some of the downloads also contain malware, viruses and spyware. Highly dangerous.

Don’t blow your money!

DON’T waste your hard-earned money on buying lives, boosters, tools and game-coins! The game developers at Peak Games of course WANT you to spend money. And some people are spending hundreds! Seriously. But you can beat the games just with your brains and a bit of strategic thinking. REMEMBER: This is just a game. Save your money for the real world! Use your brains instead to to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast.

And resist the psychology the developers have built into the game to move you towards spending your money. You can still have lots of fun, even if you lose the occasional game.

One of the top tips for resisting the temptation to buying assets is to have BOTH games on your device. Then when you run out of lives in one, just go play the other one for a while!

Also, even if there are days when you’re not playing, check in to get the daily ‘gift’ — from the Toy Blast wheel and Toon Blast cards. These will add to your stash of tools, boosters, lives and coins every day and help you beat and win at ToonBlast and ToyBlast.

Keep calm and play the ‘long game’

Take a minute to study each board before you even make your first move. Work out what you need to do to win the game, and work towards that. This includes checking what’s NOT on the board yet ( for example, if the ‘goals’ show you have to clear 80 watermelons but you can’t see them on the board yet, try and estimate how they’re going to fall into the board). Work out what strategy and combinations you would need to clear the board, and then work towards those goals.

Okay, even doing this, there will be occasional games you will lose because the right blocks just didn’t fall the way they needed to. But we guarantee that if you play the ‘long game’ you will win more often.

When you get into a star tournament or Champions League tournament, don’t be pressured to rush in trying to beat your competitors. That’s when you will make mistakes that could cost you games. Think carefully about each move — that’s the way to win.


The main difference between the two games is that Toon Blast allows you to join teams. This is handy because you can get extra lives, and also join in team challenges to try and win extra coins. HOWEVER… the main reason for Peak introducing the teams is to put subtle peer pressure on you to buy coins and tools to help your team. DON’T fall for it!

Higher levels

Both games release new levels every fortnight. When you have beaten all the levels, you enter the Champions League (ToonBlast) or Legends Arena (ToyBlast) where the rewards are higher but the games can often be harder.

beat and win at ToonBlast and ToyBlast

Strategies to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

The strategies and tips below apply equally to Toon Blast and Toy Blast. The two games from Peak Gaming look different, and have different-looking objects you have to clear off the board, and different-looking boosters and tools to help do the clearing with. But they are essentially exactly the same games with the same gameplay — and the same strategies to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s a strategy game. It’s you vs the game. Peak wants you to spend real money to beat the game. You can do it without spending money. All you need to do is look at each level and work out your strategy. Sure, there will be times you will lose a level — and maybe lose your booster crown — but know that you will beat that level after a few tries, once you work out a better strategy for it.


  • Removing horizontal lines of blocks is often more useful than removing vertical ones. This is because vertical ones will stay attached when other tiles are removed from the board, while horizontal lines of blocks often ‘break’ when tiles below them are removed.
  • Try to clear as much space as possible for new blocks to come onto the board, so you have a better chance to create some of the bigger booster combinations listed below. Often this will mean focusing on blasting or tidying up one corner or side of the board as much as possible before moving to another area.
  • Remove tile colors that are low in numbers so you can bring other tiles onto the board that will add to the large clusters of colors, turning them into bigger boosters. You can calculate your chances of success by looking at how many colours each board uses. Boards that use only 2 or 3 colours give you a better chance of doing this, but the chances are still good on boards that use 4 colours — less so on those that use 5.

See the 3 screenshots below where 3 yellow tiles near the bottom right hand corner were removed to make a red disco ball — and also on the chance it would bring down at least 2 more blue tiles to make a blue disco ball. Which it did.

how to beat and win at toonblast and toyblast

Likewise in the screenshot below, you could get the green bomb-yellow rocket combo shown… but the better strategy is to remove some tiles to turn the green into a disco ball, then try and get another disco ball to wipe the board — since each of the remaining items only needs to be blasted once more to be removed.

how to beat and win at toonblast and toyblast

HOWEVER, in this case, removing the blue tiles in the lower right hand corner won’t give you the disco ball… it will remove one of the flasks and break up the green cluster. A better strategy here is to remove the 3 red tiles above the green cluster, then (if needed) the cluster of 2 blue tiles to the right of the red ones.


  • Watch out for the holes in the board that can uncouple booster combos if you remove tiles below them.
to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast
  • When hitting ‘skip this step’ and then ‘continue’ just after you have won a level (see image) … DON’T hit ‘continue’ until all your stars have been awarded. Hitting it too early causes the games to register that you have not completed that level — and send you back to do it again. Without any crown!

Using Boosters

Boosters are a great set of tools to beat and win at ToonBlast and ToyBlast, when used properly.


In both game versions, rockets (rotors) will remove a horizontal or vertical line, depending on which way they are facing, and hit anything on those lines. They are largely random in which way they end up facing, but mainly — although not always — alternate between horizontal and vertical as they come onto the board.


Bombs will remove a square of single tiles around them as they explode and hit anything within that area.

Booster combinations

TIP: when you try to match up the booster combinations below, it’s best to try and have them joined vertically, as you can then remove tiles to put them in a better position (or add more colored tiles — if it’s a disco ball combination) with losing the connection between the two boosters.


The bomb+rocket combination will remove 3 lines of tiles vertically and 3 lines horizontally at the same time, and hit everything within that area.

Big bomb

The ‘big bomb’ is created when you have two bombs together (sometimes with a rocket joining them). It will remove a square of 3 lines of tiles in every direction around them, and blast everything within that area. The 3-tile perimeter applies from whichever of the bombs you tap to activate it. This can allow you to better direct the blast — and also to keep it away from areas you do t want it to blast.

Disco balls/cubes

Disco balls and cubes (we’ll refer to both types as disco balls for this guide) will remove all tiles of that color from the board. The tiles will also ‘hit’ anything next to them as they are dissolving. If those objects are the same color as the dissolving tiles, it works the same as hitting them — so this means that sometimes it is useful to use the disco ball by itself if you think there is little chance of setting up a combo to go with it.

Disco ball + rocket

Getting these together will turn every tile of that color into a rocket. This is very handy to double-hit ‘toggle hurdles’ such as the birds or spaceships, that have to be activated with 1 hit and then immediately hit again while activated to be removed. Sometimes, before you use a disco ball+rocket set up, it is useful to remove other large clusters of colors so that more tiles of the disco ball color drop down to be turned into rockets.

Disco ball + bomb

Getting these together will turn every tile of that color into a bomb. If you have enough tiles of that color, this is very handy to double-hit ‘toggle hurdles’ such as the birds or spaceships, that have to be activated with 1 hit and then immediately hit again while activated to be removed. Sometimes, before you use a disco ball+bomb set up, it is useful to remove other large clusters of colors so that more tiles of the disco ball colour drop down to be turned into bombs.

beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

This game can be won by removing the bubble on the green tile. Converting the yellow disco ball into a ball+bomb combo with the green tiles will turn the yellow tile next to the bubble into a bomb that can blast the bubble and remove it from the board.

Double disco balls

The ‘holy grail’ for most games to beat and win at ToonBlast and ToyBlast. The double disco balls will remove all tiles from the board, and ‘hit’ everything on the board. Where you are trying to remove set of bottles or skittles, it will remove 4 at once from each set. However it will only hit windmills and other ‘hurdles’ with removing 1. And sometimes a double disco-ball combo is not as effective as a disco ball + rocket or bomb combo — for example, when trying to hit ‘on-off’ objects more than once in one move.

Crown levels for boosters

Both versions of the game award crowns as you win a level, and these allow you to start the board with from 1 to 3 sets of bomb + rocket. Often these can be scattered over the board, or clustered together to give you a single ‘big bomb’ … but there are also strategies for using these boosters to their best advantage. If you have a ‘big bomb’ in one part of the board and a bomb+rocket in another, work out which one will be best to let off first.

The strategy here depends on how you use the boosters already on the board. For example, if you have a ‘big bomb’ in one area and a bomb+rocket in another, work out what will happen when you activate each one. It is better to activate each one so it DOES NOT hit the other. This gives you two large goes at clearing part of the board.

‘Full’ boards that have no room for boosters

A ‘full’ board is one that starts with no room for extra boosters from a crown. In these cases, having a crown is of no help. Sometimes a full board starts with boosters already on it. So at least if you lose your crown, you have something already on the board for the next try!

Use TOOLS to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

Bucket (Toy Blast only)

to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

Use the bucket to remove all the tiles of a specific colour (which you choose). But also, this is handy when those tiles are next to something you want to ‘hit’ as the tiles hit them while they are being removed. On the example board, using the bucket on the blue tiles will have more effect than simply hitting the blue tiles — and will save a move.

Dice (Toon Blast only)

beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

This shuffles all the tiles on the board. It’s often a tool of last resort if you can’t find a strategy that will let you win with your existing layout. It works best when there are a lot of tiles of a particular color on the board, but they are not joined together. Sometimes it can take a few goes to get the result you want. Sometimes it doesn’t give you anything useful… but more than 70% of the time you will get a useful result if there are enough tiles of a particular color dominating the board.


beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

This removes a single tile or ‘hits’ a single object. It’s handy if you have one thing left at the end of the game. But by far its greater value is to use it earlier in the game to remove a single tile that is stopping you from matching up groups of colors to create a booster, such as a disco ball, or remove a single tile that allow you to match up two boosters such as a disco ball and rocket. In the example shown, hitting the blue tile near the top right-hand corner will create a bomb to pair with the rocket — and blast both the cluster of watermelons and the remaining chain tiles above.

to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

In the example shown here with the drill, it’s quite early in the game and worthwhile using a drill to remove a single green tile in the vertical row of mainly yellow tiles to make a bomb — or even a disco ball if the right tiles drop.

Boxing Glove / Train

These remove a horizontal line of tiles. Because of this, they can rarely be used to create boosters on the board and are best used towards the end of the game when you need to clear more objects than you have moves for.

Anvil / Vacuum cleaner

These remove a vertical line of tiles. Because of this, like the Boxing glove and train, they can rarely be used to create boosters on the board and are best used towards the end of the game when you need to clear more objects than you have moves for.

Mine (ToonBlast only)

to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast

This handy gadget is offered on some levels, and when you have hit each of the coloured studs on it — either by matching coloured tiles next to it, or by blasting it with boosters and other tools — it blasts the entire board, similar to double disco balls. This is very handy if you have other objects on the board that can only be opened or removed by blasting, such as metal tiles etc.

Best ways to clear objects off the board

Both games have a huge range of different-looking objects. But if you classify them into the number of times (or ways) you have to blast them to remove them, there are really only a few types. Each of these types requires a different kind of strategy to best clear them.

Single-match objects

These objects clear when you do a single match of any colored cubes next to them.

Single colour-match objects

These objects clear when you do a match of cubes next to them that are the same colour as the object. Examples are coloured boxes.

Multiple/hit objects

Piñatas, watermelons, penguins, banded crates etc can only be cleared by being hit multiple times, either by boosters or by colour matches. Try to develop disco ball combos to give them multiple hits or blast the entire board multiple times.

Blast-hit objects

Pigs, chain, horses, metal boxes etc. These can only be removed by blasting them. Activating clusters of blocks next to them has no effect. The best strategy is for double disco balls to clear them entirely. It’s worth using a few extra moves to try for the double disco ball so you can clear them all off the board.

Blast-open objects

Coconuts, safes with gold bars inside them, dishwashers full of dishes etc. These cannot be removed until you have first ‘opened’ them with a blast from boosters. Once they are opened, both boosters and colour matches are able to be used on them. A good strategy is to try for a double disco ball combo early in the game to open everything on the board — and then you can proceeed to set up boosters and matches to start clearing them.

Rising objects

Spaceships etc, which keep rising to the top of the board with each move. They can only be removed by clearing all the tiles underneath them.

Moving objects

Running pigs, which move from one square to another in random directions (Toy Blast) are a very annoying set of object to remove because they are so unpredictable. The best strategy is to try and set up booster combinations that will remove a cluster of them and clear that part of the board to give you more tiles — to set up more boosters. Warning: be careful not to let a pig jump onto a booster and move it away from the combination you are setting up.

Crated objects

These are groups of objects in a crate. You have to clear all the objects in each crate to clear that crate off the board. Examples include crates of tenpins, coloured bottles, lightbulbs, jam jars, etc.

One particularly evil variant is the crate with 4 ducks — you have to hit each crate 4 times in a row, otherwise the duck start returning to the crate and you end up back where you started. It’s best to concentrate on one crate at a time, or try to set up colors that can hit two crates at the same time , before you then try a disco ball combo.

On-off objects

These are objects that alternate between being ‘on’ and ‘off’ with each move. Examples include boxed small ducks, pink jewels, clams. To clear them, you have to hit them once to turn them ‘on’ — then hit them again immediately before they turn ‘off’ again.

Activatable objects

These are objects that you have to hit once to activate then immediately hit again to clear them. If you don’t, they deactivate and you have to go through the process again. A good strategy to clear these is to use disco ball + rocket or bomb to hit each many of them twice in one move.

Sticky objects

These are objects such as bubblegum and honey jars, that solidify with one hit and stay solid and stuck in place, until you hit them again to clear them. A good strategy to best ways to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast when you are faced with sticky objects is to try and clear underneath them and move them down before you make them sticky.

That clears space at the top for new tiles — and also makes hem easier to clear. If you end up with gum or honey ‘stuck’ at the top or in corners of the board, it can be very difficult to remove. Another good tactic is to create double disco balls to make all the objects sticky in one blast, then focus on doing it again to clear them all in one blast.

Falling objects

Big ducks, little men and animals etc that can only be cleared off the board by removing all the blocks underneath them. Double disco balls are handiest for this, but often you can do it with a bomb-rocket combo if they are lower down.

Spreading objects

These include ice and pink jelly, which keep spreading to other tiles with each move that doesn’t hit the ‘spreaders’ … this can eventually block large parts of the board, making it impossible to win. They can be ‘corralled’ by boosters, as they cannot spread to cover a booster, only colored tiles. A good strategy is to try and develop double disco balls early to clear all the spreaders so you can get on with the game.

Generated objects

Easter eggs, bubbles from fish, bubbles from frogs, balloons from yellow pumps, chickens from incubators, balls from cannons, hedges from pot plants etc. You have to hit the source enough times to get the required number of these objects, and then clear them. Easter eggs then have to be hit twice, and the others once. But except for bubbles, they all take blot out a coloured tile when they are generated randomly onto the board, which means they can ruin booster clusters you are trying to set up when trying to to beat and win at Toon Blast and Toy Blast.

It’s best to set up the boosters first when you can. The hedges, for example, blot out squares of 9 tiles, and boosters can slip down behind them… unable to be used until you clear the hedge. It’s best to try and activate all the hedges early on and then try to clear them with a double disco ball if possible.