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How to be sustainable in the office

Be sustainable in the office

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At home, many of us are already paying attention to living as sustainably as possible. For example, we recycle our waste, think about which care and cleaning products we buy and try to save electricity and hot water. So why not in the workplace?  We’ll give you five tips on how to be sustainable in the office. So you may even be able to motivate your colleagues to be more mindful of our environment.

Be sustainable in the office: 5 tips

be sustainable in the office
It’s best to simply turn off unused devices to save energy.

Acquire potted plants

Many offices lack greenery. Plants not only create a cosy and friendly atmosphere in the office, but also improve the air. They ensure that the humidity is regulated.

40 to 60 percent are optimal for the workplace, which you can easily measure with a hygrometer. Papyrus, fern and ficus plants, ivy, rubber tree, Cyprus grass and single leaf are particularly moist.

Saving electricity

Without electricity, almost nothing is possible in this day and age. However, this can be saved at least in many corners without you feeling restricted. At least turn off your monitor during your lunch break.

You should also switch off unnecessarily burning light such as on toilets. Standby devicescan also be used on/off switches to take them off the electricity, for example at night, at weekends and during their holidays.

When purchasing new electrical appliances, pay attention to the Energy Star Label. If you buy your own equipment, it is always worth taking a look at used electrical appliances for the time being. Because new devices consume the most resources. Before an unused or old device lands on bulky waste, it deserves a second chance.

Bathroom conversion

The cheap toilet paper is not only extremely rough, but also bad for the environment, as it usually comes from freshly deforested forests. A good alternative is unbleached recycled paper. You shouldn’t buy the cheap soap any more. A mild organic soap costs only a few cents more. This is good for the skin and the environment.

Saving paper

Is everything printed out in your office without thinking? Just try to print out only what you really need in paper form. Everything else can be digital. You can also easily reuse used paper by using the back of notes. Thus, the sheet is used at least twice before it migrates into the garbage bin.

If you want to do something good for the environment, then you should suggest to your colleagues that you only buy FSC-certified paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council in the future. Recycled paper is best, even if it is not quite as white and may even be more expensive.

Get drinks in glass bottles

Buying water and juices in glass bottles saves a lot of plastic waste. If you want to avoid plastic, just suggest to your colleagues to buy drinks in (reusable) glass bottles in the future. Many beverage suppliers already offer this. Drinks in glass bottles are also no more expensive than drinks in plastic bottles.

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