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How to avoid self tanning mistakes

avoid self tanning mistakes

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What are the best ways to avoid self tanning mistakes? Our guide lists the 5 most common self tanning errors and how to avoid them.

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Simply applying cream is not enough for self-tanners. We show what is important so that the complexion looks nice and even and not stained.

Best ways to avoid self tanning mistakes

  1. You are not preparing the skin
    The smoother your skin, the more even the tint. Therefore, always exfoliate the skin properly before using self-tanners. With a loofah glove or an exfoliating product, horns and dead skin cells can be easily removed. Don’t forget to rub off your elbows, knees and heels as well. And if stripes do remain: These SOS tips will help .
  2. Your skin is too dry
    American researchers found that well-moisturized skin absorbs color better than dry skin. So apply lotion well before firing. Ideal: a moisturizing body lotion. Tip: Selftanner can be distributed more evenly if you mix it in equal parts with body milk before application.
  3. You are not choosing your product carefully
    Gel, lotion, cream, foam, tan towel or spray? A matter of taste! But since the tanning agent DHA removes moisture from the skin, tan lotion or milk is particularly recommended for dry skin. Sprays are practical for hard-to-reach areas such as the back. Here we test different products in the video .
  4. You start at the wrong part of the body
    Be sure to start with your legs. Apply self-tanner with circular movements. Then wash your hands immediately and brush your fingernails – otherwise there will be discoloration.
    Tip: With a disposable glove, your hands stay clean. And so that there are no stains on the clothing, let it soak in for about 20 minutes.
  5. You don’t take care of your skin after tanning
    Care is also very important for artificial tans. Moisturizers delay the desquamation process of the top layer of skin. This will keep your skin brown for longer.
    Tip: Body lotions with a low proportion of self-tanners are ideal.

Do not use the same body and face product! Facial skin is more delicate and sensitive – it needs a product that is tailored to its needs. It’s easy to apply with a make-up sponge.

Do not apply self-tanners after a long bath. The swollen skin layer can cause an irregular tint.