How to avoid being cheated by a mechanic


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If your car breaks down, you want to fix it right away and put it back on the road. But many people don’t know how to avoid being cheated by a mechanic. Most of us are very reliant on our car and it is a great inconvenience to be without them for a single day.

If you experience an unexpected breakdown, you depend on a mechanic to properly load you properly for parts and labor. Unfortunately, some mechanics are less than honest, and you have to keep your eyes open and argue about not being taken along. Here are some tips you can use to avoid car repair rip-off.

Insist that the mechanic gives you an estimate

Never drop your car with the mechanic and give it blank clearance to repair your car. Instead, ask the mechanic to rate the vehicle while you are there and give an estimate of the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to insist that the mechanic call you and seek your permission if the actual cost is higher than the estimate you have received. This is the best way to avoid overcharging and the heads-up gives you the chance to make an intelligent and informed decision.

Ask the mechanic about your old parts

Some calculate parts replacement that they never actually did. The best way to expose this scam and avoid this kind of rip-off is always to take your old parts with you after maintenance.

When your mechanic calls to tell you which parts to replace, let them know you want the old parts. That could be enough to keep a less than ethical auto mechanic from overloading you with parts.

Refresh basic car knowledge

It is much harder for a dodgy mechanic to rip off customers who are knowledgeable in a car. If you do not know which end of the dipstick gets into the engine, this dishonest mechanic will see you come a mile away. Taking the time to learn about your car and how it works is the best way to protect yourself.

You do not need to take a car class to gain this knowledge. Just grab it, open the hood and familiarize yourself with the parts you see. The more you know, the harder it gets to be torn down.

Ask friends and family for a recommendation

The best defense against ripping off by a mechanic is to find one that you can trust. If you do not have a regular mechanic, ask family, friends and colleagues who use them and if they are satisfied with the service they receive.

The best mechanics rely on word-of-mouth propaganda to win new customers. They know that treating riders fairly is the best long-term business strategy, and they work hard to ensure that everyone they work with is good value for money and great car repairs.

Check the price of new auto parts

If the price for a replacement part is unreasonably high, contact the dealer or check online if it is correct. Some mechanics try to inflate their bills by lofting customers over for parts, so checking the prices independently is the best way to protect yourself.

Do not be afraid to confront the mechanic if you think you are overloaded with parts. You have a right to quality service and fair prices whenever you have your car repaired.

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