How to apply mascara properly: expert method and tips

apply mascara properly

Image via: Pexels

For most women, mascara is the Holy Grail in the cosmetics cabinet. No wonder, because mascara emphasizes the eyes optimally. We’ll tell you tips and tricks for the perfect stroke and explain how to avoid spider legs and ugly clumps and apply mascara properly.

It all starts with the perfect mascara. But you often look for them for years. Depending on what you expect from your mascara, a different brush shape is needed. In addition to the actual mascara, however, there are also other factors to consider to apply mascara properly.

Apply mascara properly: Preparation

Eyelashes need care as well as your hair. I recommend oil, such as castor or the miracle coconut oil, to leave overnight. It is best to apply with an eyelash brush.

Furthermore you can apply an eyelash base in advance. This is mostly white and cares for the eyelashes additionally. It provides the perfect preparation for the mascara and is an additional boost in volume and length in advance.

Eyelash curler

The eyelash curler gives your eyelashes a natural curve that is enhanced when you apply mascara properly. Before using, your eyelashes must be absolutely clean and without any make-up residues, otherwise the eyelashes break off easily. So if you use an eyelash base, wear it afterwards. If your eyelashes are naturally brittle, you should do without an eyelash curler.

Curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler. Put them on near your eyelashes and close them for a few seconds or open and close them a couple of times. If you warm up the eyelash curler in advance, the momentum becomes even more beautiful. You should replace the pads of the eyelash curler every four to six weeks.

Brush shapes

As with make-up brushes , mascara also has different shapes that perform different functions. Depending on the desired result, some brush shapes are better than others. For natural eyelashes I advise you a brush whose bristles are neither very long nor too far apart. If you expect perfectly- defined , defined eyelashes , you should place on a straight brush whose bristles are not too close together. Do you especially want long eyelashes ?but do not want to resort to fake lashes? Use a mascara with a very large brush, preferably a curved one. It gives you the desired effect without repeated showering, which in turn leads to unsightly spider legs. Particularly dense, voluminous eyelashes can be achieved with brushes in hourglass form. The longer bristles also reach the outer eyelashes, the shorter bristles, however, give the desired volume and compact perfectly. For a nice swing , you put on a curved brush that evenly lashes your eyelash hair through its curvature.

The right technique

Put the brush as close to the lash line as possible, this will give you more volume. Pull up in zigzag to catch all eyelash hairs. For longer lashes that do not clump, it is best to apply two coats of mascara. The lower lashes are better to coat, if you hold the brush vertically. Should you ever slip, this is not a problem. For example, mascara on the eyelid can be removed with a cotton swab. If you are already wearing eye shadow, it may help to drive your brush over the mischievous area until the mascara residues are no longer visible.

Important: Do not pump! As a result, air gets into the mascara and it dries out. Dried mascara you save by adding a drop of oil. But waterproof mascara loses its special property. If you give the closed mascara in a hot water bath, that can help too.

It does not always have to be black

Mascara is now available in many different colors. Black is the classic, brown on the other hand makes the natural make-up more natural. Currently in fashion are colored Smokey Eyes, which give the color coordinated Mascara the finishing touch. Of course, if you wear eye-catching eye make-up, you should use Nude Tönes on your lips.