How to apply blush correctly: smart methods and tips

apply blush correctly

How do you apply blush correctly for your face shape and skin type? Our guide shows you what will suit your shape and skin best.

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Applying blush has to be learned. We show you how to do it correctly. This gives your complexion freshness and contour at the same time. When applied correctly, blush makes the face glow. Anyone who has used blush (also called rouge) will never want to do without it again. Because it gives you a kick of freshness in no time . But only if you apply the blush correctly, otherwise it can quickly appear artificial.

Therefore: Never work against the shape of your face . We’ll tell you how this works here – regardless of whether you have a square, oval or round face.

How to apply blush correctly for your skin type

As powder, as a cream or in the liquid version – blush is available in different consistencies. Which one is best to choose? Anyone with a tendency to oily skin already knows the benefits of a powder, so that the complexion is removed and the pores are not clogged. That is why blush is ideal for this skin type as a powder .

Dry skin needs extensive care, otherwise it tightens. That’s why a creamy blush is best here. The advantage: It can also be easily applied to the foundation and, thanks to its texture, easily blended.

Women with normal skin can choose both the powdery and the creamy version. The liquid blush also works just as well for them . A drop or two is enough to give the skin a gentle glow.

This is what you should keep in mind when applying the liquid blush : it absorbs quickly into the skin – so you have to be quick so that the result does not get blotchy in the end.

Which brush to apply blush with?

  1. Apply powder blush

The typical brush for powder blush is soft and beveled. The brush’s soft bristles help to blend the makeup well. The beveled shape makes it easier to get the right swing.

Caution: stay away from a brush that is too large, you cannot use it to apply the powder in a targeted manner – the blushed area becomes too large (clown alarm!).

  1. Apply liquid and cream blush

Liquid and cream blush can be processed evenly and easily with a beauty blender . But this texture can also be blended super with your finger – this is a big plus, especially when you’re on the go. Gently pat the blush into the skin with your fingers in a circular motion.

How to apply blush correctly for each face shape

In order to bring out your own advantages, to optimize them or to hide small flaws, you should always take your face shape into account when applying make-up . This applies both to eye make-up (if you want to make up your eyes or hide droopy eyelids , for example ), to your lips (volume effect), but also to blush.

Applied in the right places, it gives the face targeted contours and gives you the perfect glow. Here is a guide for each face shape:

  1. How to apply the blush on a round face?
Apply blush: round face

Women with a round face shape want a narrow face with more contours and more length. To do this, apply the blush below the cheekbones and let it run out diagonally up to the temple and down to the corner of the mouth. That makes round faces appear narrower.

Tip: do not put on apple cheeks. That would make your face look rounder and fuller. And keep to the following rule: Lighter blush makes the face appear wider, darker narrower.

  1. How to apply the blush on a square face?
Apply blush: square face

A square face impresses with a striking chin and pronounced cheekbones. Here the blush looks like a soft focus when you apply it to the front tip of the cheekbones and blend it outwards towards the hairline . The chin moves out of focus and the surface of the cheeks is interrupted.

  1. How to apply the blush with an oval face shape?
 oval face

An oval face is considered to be particularly harmonious. Here you put the blush on the upper side of the cheekbones and shade it out to the temples. That gives great contours.

Tip: To find the perfect place for the blush, you can tip your lips . So you can see the cheekbones better and place the brush optimally.

  1. How to apply the blush on a heart-shaped face?
 heart-shaped face shape

Do you have a rather broad forehead and a narrow chin? Then the blush should sit slightly below the cheekbones and run steeply into the cheek .

Make-up trick : With this face shape , you can also place a little blush on the chin , which makes it look softer and plumper.

  1. How to apply the blush with a long face?
blush: Long face

The proportions of a long face look more balanced when the blush is spread out. Apply the blush almost horizontally from the highest point of the cheekbones towards the hairline.

Trick: An elongated face is flattered by a subtle touch of the blush on the forehead .

Which blush color suits each complexion?

Not only the right texture and the ideal make-up technique are crucial for the blush, but of course also the right color. The perfect blush should adapt perfectly to your skin tone and not look artificial.

  • For fair skin and blond hair, a suitable pale pink . It looks natural and conjures up a fresh, healthy complexion.
  • A medium skin type with dark blonde to light brown hair can use a more intense pink or even a berry tone.
  • Blush in a sweet peach shade is suitable for almost all skin types . It makes the skin glow and the face looks younger.
  • A darker complexion and black hair are perfect for an apricot blush. This gives the skin a glow and visually plumps it up.
  • In summer, when the skin is gently tanned, you can also choose a darker shade and, for example, make up with a bronzer. Make sure you blend the make-up well so that your skin doesn’t look brown-spotted.