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How the 3-day rule will save money when you shop

The 3-day rule can save money when you shop, and we have other tips here to help you save as well.

We love shopping! The problem: Our bank account has to suffer a lot. The reason for this is this one thing we are doing wrong. This is our biggest shopping mistake

The cute blouse and the shoes, which not only look amazing, but are also incredibly comfortable – we always catch ourselves falling head over heels in love with the different parts during our shopping trip and finally having to buy them – as well take our lives off. Exactly this is the fatal mistake: We are guided by our gut feeling and therefore often live above our circumstances.

At the end of the money there is still too much month left. This rule has long since developed into a true phrase – although it is not that trivial. For example, the results of a Greenpeace poll showed that around 60 percent of respondents in 18- to 40-year-old women have more clothes than they really need. 

Stress factor shopping

The fact that they now also store more in quantity in the domestic cabinet for this sum, may be expected in view of the steadily rising sales figures of low-budget fashion chains. And: Above all, the women surveyed, who like to use social networks frequently, shop a striking amount – an important factor when you consider that the hourly look at Facebook, Instagram & Co. has long become routine. The consequences of this consumption behavior? The account is empty, the closet is full and saving is barely. As well as?

As Greenpeace was also able to prove with the survey, shopping is, for most consumers, one thing above all: a way to reduce everyday stressretail therapy. Given the financial consequences, which in turn can trigger new stress, the vicious circle is perfect – and many consumers have long been caught in it.

3-day rule will save money when you shop

But how do you escape the whole? This consumerism with simultaneous financial frustration? One possibility is found in the so-called 3-day rule. And the concept, which should above all avoid unnecessary spontaneous purchases , is very simple:

  1. Consumer goods that attract you are not bought immediately.
  2. Instead, ask yourself the question, “Do I really need that?” For the next three days.
  3. If, after three days, you still think you want to spend your money on it, go ahead with it (by the way: without any guilty conscience!).

Sounds logical? It is also true that the three-day rule can save money when you shop. After all, most oh-so-important desired products fall into oblivion after just a few hours – at least as fast as all the ‘cabinet corpses’ which at some point seemed to be incredibly important and ‘must-have’.

Save money when you shop

In order to save your wallet in the future and to avoid unnecessary erroneous purchases, here are the best tips for you.

1. Leave the credit card at home to save money when you shop

Do you spontaneously feel like driving to the city to see what the shops are like? Then go shopping without a cash card. Either take a selected amount of cash with you or sleep – if you like something – a night over it. If you can not get that part out of your head, it’s worth buying.

2. Take your best friend with you

Nobody is more honest than your best friend. It tells you, if you do not like something, you already have this one model in several versions in the closet or the investment is not worth it. A second opinion can save you from spontaneous purchases.

3. Think already in the locker combination options

A question that you should ask yourself when trying on: “How can I combine this part with the parts in my cabinet?” If you can not come up with an answer, you’d better leave the piece of your desire in the store.

4. Do not be tempted by your (holiday) mood

Whether in a good mood on holiday or annoyed by a stressful day – garments that you buy – driven by your emotions – are usually short-selling. What wrong purchases the girlfriends have done on vacation, they reveal here.