How to use hang tags to increase sales and promote your brand

hang tags

This guide outlines how you can use the hang tags on your products to increase sales and promote your brand identity.

Chances are, if your store is trendy, well organized, easy to navigate and full of beaming light, you are all set for action. But most importantly, if shoppers can quickly scan through details about an item they like on well-designed and appealing hang tags, your trips to the bank are bound to be happy oes.

So now, if you are interested in knowing how hang tags for clothing and other products can elevate your sales, you are in the right place. Keep reading!

What are Hang Tags?

A hang tag is a printed label strategically placed on practically any product to showcase its vital information. For instance, a hang tag in an item of clothing can display the size, fabric information, washing instructions and price. In the case of ecommerce stores, this is also a great visual reminder of your brand, once the product reaches the hands of the customer.

Interestingly, hang tags have now evolved from being simple cloth labels to eye-catchy and crafty tags. Brands are leaving nothing to chance in the competition for sales and are outdoing one another as they scramble for customers.

With this in mind, can have your plastic hangtags custom designed and printed for you in no time, whether you’d like a small print run of pieces or a whole bulk order of them.

How Can You Use Hang Tags?

You can use hang tags on clothes to convince customers who are yet to decide if they want to buy the outfit or not. Ordinarily, plastic hangtag contain a summary of product information vital to aide prompt customer decision making.

Such hangtags for clothing ensure the customer gets all-round information of what makes the outfit, who can fit in it and how best to take care of the clothing.

Also, your business can further promote brand awareness using a plastic hang tag. Compared to paper hang tags, plastic hang tags are a favourite among customers. They have a sophisticated look, superb finish and last for ages. 

A plastic hang tag makes a memorable souvenir for keeps as it rarely tears and is waterproof, unlike the paper hangtag. It can be a marvellous strategy for you to keep your customers thinking about your business and ultimately purchasing again.

More so, who will want to throw away a stylishly designed hang tag? The overwhelming feeling of guilt to discard this piece of art won’t allow your customers to do so.

The icing on the sugar is that the plastic hang tags come in different formats. You can decide to either go for the white rigid vinyl plastic hangtag or a frosted one. These options will make your customers be loyal and impressed for a long time.

As a result, customers will remember your clothing business and reach you, any day, any time when they need to buy more clothes. Talk of repeat business! Exactly what we want, right?

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Certainly, hang tags on clothes and other product lines can help elevate your brand to the next level. All you need to do is follow these golden rules:

  • Less is More. Have a Simple Design

A simple hang tag design can do wonders for your brand. See, you don’t want to confuse your customers with a tiny tag that has so many design elements all over it.

In most cases, attractive plastic hang tags have two parts; – the brand logo on the front and product information on the back.

If your logo has multiple colours, opt for a white background hang tag. Otherwise, a one-colour logo pops up more on a bi-colour background.

Finally, print the simple design on a quality plastic hang tag or any other material of your choice.

  • Keep the Information Lean

You may want to flood your hang tag with plenty of information with the hope that you will win over customers to buy your clothes and remember your brand. No, they won’t.

But, if you embrace simplicity and list only the essential product details in your hangtags, your brand gets high chances to be visible and catch your customers’ attention. Another win!

  • Add Special Offers

Hang tags for clothing offer the best opportunity for a business to communicate the offers they have. You can cleverly indicate a price cut on the products just below the product information.

By all means, customers will easily remember your brand as one that offers irresistible sale discounts by just looking at the hang tags.

  • Strategically Positioning the Hangtags

That’s right. Get intentional and tactical in which part of the clothing you fix the plastic hangtags and see your brand speak for itself. 

Most clothing stores fix the hang tags in the inside part of the collar or on the inner left side of the clothes. However, placing the plastic hang tags on the collar part is most recommended for more brand visibility.


There is no doubt that businesses are on the hunt for beating the competition and having their brand stand tall among the rest. One of the ways to do so is using hang tags. 

That’s why clothing store business owners, for instance, are now placing eye-catchy plastic hang tags on their clothes. These hang tags for clothing are helping drive up sales and promote brand awareness.

If you want to have crafty and modern hangtags for clothes that reflect your brand, talk to 4OVER4, and they’ll be ready to swing to action and help propel your business to the next level.

Does your clothing store have plastic hang tags attached to your products? Do you like what you see? Share your comments below, and let’s know how we can help your business stand out to the high skies.

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