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Genuine or fake Jimmy Choo? How to tell

genuine or fake Jimmy Choo

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You have only a small amount of money to be able to afford great Jimmy Choo shoes? Then you certainly want the guarantee that they are originals. You can find out how to unmask possible fake shoes of the designer in our guide to tell if they are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo shoes.

The Jimmy Choo brand has the most exquisite shoes in the fashion world. Featuring top-notch materials such as silk and crocodile leather, for example, and incredible details, such as Swarovski buckles, these shoes become true luxury items and consumer dreams.

The main fans of Jimmy Choo shoes are celebrities, who see the brand as a great darling. Their presence is mandatory on the red carpets and draws attention wherever they go. These items have already gained important references in productions, such as Beyoncé songs and even in movies, such as the hit “The Devil Wears Prada“.

In a nutshell, Jimmy Choo’s original shoes are perfectly flat, beautiful seams, not a single thread coming out. An important sign that the original is in front of you is a box in which the logo must have an iridescent silver color.

The brand name is indicated on the top of the package and on the sides. The manufacturer packs all boats in a special woven bag. On each shoe insole there is a brand logo, under which the word London is indicated in a smaller font. And on the sole you can see Jimmy Choo engraved, London, Made in Italy. Read on to see the differences between genuine or fake Jimmy Choo in detail, plus our images in close-up examination.

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Genuine or fake Jimmy Choo: what to look for

Original logo on the insole

To make sure you really hold original Jimmy Choos in your hands, it’s best to check the logo on the insole. In any case, when checking whether whether these are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo, make sure that the label on which the logo was affixed has been neatly sewn on — and never EVER glued on! 

Also take a close look at the label’s lettering. All original Jimmy Choo shoes have a label with the lettering JIMMY CHOO, followed by the inscription LONDON in smaller font. It is best to check the individual letters for the original logo. 

It is noticeable, for example, that the “O” should always be perfectly round shaped, that “C” has a fine hook at the top end and the middle bar in the “H” is not placed exactly in the middle, but slightly higher up. If you notice deviations from these criteria in the logo with looking at whether these are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo shoes, you should be wary and don’t touch them. Some sellers will tell you that the ‘label varies from factory to factory’… that’s not true.

Genuine label

Original logo on the sole

Not only inside the shoe is the logo of the label, but also on the sole, i.e. the bottom of the shoe. Check again whether the font size and type correspond to the original. Slightly below that you should also find the lettering MADE IN ITALY, followed by the size in EU standard. If your Jimmy Choos also have the inscription VERO CUOIO, no need to panic, because the Italian counterpart for genuine leather was actually attached to some models. Make sure the engraving is clean and doesn’t cry out as cheap processing when looking at whether these are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo.

genuine sole
genuine Jimmy Choo

Packaging and accessories

When you buy new Jimmy Choo shoes, you should always take a look at the packaging and accessories. Originals are usually handed out in a solid, slightly purple cardboard box, on the lid of which the jimmy CHOO and LONDON lettering simmortalized. There is also a label on the shorter side with various information on the size and colour of the shoe. It is best to compare this information with the actual characteristics of the shoe wen judging if these are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo. 

The luxury shoe label always delivers its creations in a matching dust bag, on which the same inscription as on the carton should be found. Also make sure that the colour of the bag is identical to that of the carton and that the material is of high quality. By the way, you often recognize fake dust bags by the fact that they fray and the fabric looks inferior in quality.

Genuine zipper

Jimmy Choo high heels in particular are often zipped at the heel. When trying to find out if whether these are genuine or fake Jimmy Choo, check if it is gold-coloured and of high quality, as many fakes often use cheap plastic zippers. You should also note that the zipper has a rectangular shape and the lettering Jimmy Choo is engraved.

Jimmy Choo zipper

We wish you a lot of fun now in the search for great original Jimmy Choo shoes. Also see our guide to tell if a Chanel bag is fake or genuine.

The Jimmy Choo story

Born in 1948 in George Town, Malaysia, Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat is a shoe designer who is a great success through his shoe brand. Jimmy is the son of a Chinese shoemaker, and at the age of 11 he had already learned his father’s craft and designed shoes for his mother.

Jimmy moved to England to study shoe design at Cordwainers Technical College, currently called London College of Fashion. The artist specialized in making handmade shoes from satin fabrics, and with this managed to conquer a small clientele for which he produced custom shoes.

With his studio located in the East End, Jimmy got a somewhat special customer: Princess Diana. She became a great fashion icon due to her inspiring looks, composed of special and unique items.

Jimmy produced precious pieces for her, who knew how to combine them perfectly with her looks. The items made by Jimmy Choo were already composed, at that time, of stones and crystals, requiring a certain personality and elegance to know how to harmonize them with other garments.

In 1988, the brand was awarded an editorial in Vogue magazine, which explored all its sophisticated design and the extraordinary quality of its shoes. With recognition of such importance, Jimmy became primarily responsible for the production of shoes for international socialites and celebrities.

Brand officialization

Upon meeting Tamara Mellon in 1996, a partnership was established between the shoe designer and the accessories editor of British Vogue magazine that finally made Jimmy Choo brand official.

A factory and an office of the brand were opened in Italy for the production of shoes, and from then on fashion journalists from all over the world became interested in the empire that was beginning to ascend.

The brand’s first store was opened in 1997 in Knightsbridge, one of the most sophisticated shopping areas in London. Four other units were opened soon after in the English capital: on New Bond Street and Draycott Avenue and inside the Selfridges and Harvey Nichols department stores.

The shoe on the big screens

Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Sex and the City”, contributed a lot to the consecration and fame of the shoe brand. Fascinated by fashion and shoes, the character was responsible for making the name Jimmy Choo a reference.

From then on success became inevitable, since Tamara was able to transform the brand into a world luxury icon in the footwear segment. Jimmy Choo shoes began to be recognized and sought after around the world. Another important milestone for the brand was the inauguration of the first American store, located in Beverly Hills.