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Genuine Chanel bag or fake? The 6 clues

genuine Chanel bag or fake

Probably the most coveted luxury brand ever, is the French label Chanel. This means of course that there are lots of people out there trying to scam you with fake versions of Chanel bags. Here is the guide for you to tell a genuine Chanel bag or fake one.

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Founded in Paris in 1909 by fashion and fashion icon Coco Chanel, the designer house has been one of the most popular brands in the world for decades. Hardly any designer bag is as sought after as the Chanel Flap Bag and hardly any fashion-savvy woman does not have this classic on her wish list. It is precisely this desire of many women to own a Chanel bag that is the reason why the label has also been targeted on the black market and numerous plagiarisms exist. That’s why we show you some features where you can tell a genuine Chanel bag or fake.

Tell a genuine Chanel bag or fake: the 6 clues

1. Providers
Similar to the Louis Vuitton label, Chanel products are only sold through selected distributors and its own stores. Therefore, special care should be taken on the Internet, as there are particularly many fake bags circulating here. Therefore, check whether the online shop appears to be trustworthy and whether the products are checked in advance for their authenticity.

Chanel Flap Bag Logo

2. Logo
Often the logo alone can indicate a forgery. The original logo consists of two interlocking C’s, which turn away from each other. Also check the material and the processing of the logo. If the C’s are cleanly processed and the logo makes a high-quality impression. With the Flap Bag, the logo is almost always on the front in the middle, only with older vintage models it can happen that the logo is affixed in the inside.

3. Certificate of Authenticity
Anyone who buys an original Chanel bag will receive a certificate of authenticity. This is a card with an embossed serial number. If the card or embossing with the serial number is missing, you can assume that you are not dealing with an original product. Therefore, always ask for the certificate of authenticity when purchasing a Chanel bag.

4. Serial number
The serial number is mostly located inside the bag and was attached to a white sticker with a golden Chanel logo in the background until the end of the 90s. At the turn of the millennium, the sticker changed. This one is still white, but the serial number is now below two golden Chanel logos. It is also important to compare the number on the certificate of authenticity with the number that was affixed in the bag. If they are not identical, you will most likely have a fake in your hands.

5. Metal chain
Each Chanel Flap Bag has the chain characteristic of the bag as a strap. Check whether the metal links of the chain have an engraving. If neither the lettering “Chanel” nor the logo has been engraved in the metal, it is almost certainly a fake, so run away from it.

Chanel Flap Bag

6. Pattern and material
The quilted pattern of the Flap Bag, which is also typical for Chanel, as well as the logo must be in one line. Even if a bag has been sewn on, the pattern is not interrupted. Also, take the bag in your hand and do the smell test. So you can quickly unmask plastic, glue or imitation leather and make sure if it is a fake bag or not, because the luxury label of course only uses the highest quality materials.

We hope that these tips will help you with your next purchase and that you will not fall into the trap of counterfeiters. You are also welcome to browse through our Chanel products and soon hold your new and of course original favourite piece of the coveted luxury brand in your hands.