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How to create an online shop

create an online shop

As technology advances these days, there are increasingly more people shopping online, so nearly every business should create an online shop. “There are three ways to ruin a company: with women, that’s the most pleasant thing; with games, that’s the fastest thing; with computers, that’s the safest. “This is how the entrepreneur and publicist Oswald Dreyer-Eimbcke, who died in 2010, saw it. But the digital age, which was ushered in with computer technology, opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many companies sell their products over the Internet today. In so-called online shops, so electronic marketplaces, they offer books, cars, vacations and much more. 

However, success in the online business also has its downsides. Business districts in inner cities are under pressure due to competition from the net. Because here it does not need a parking lot and there are no limited opening hours. Retailers and cities face the challenge of being attractive to customers. 

Why create an online shop?

If you search via Google for online store, hundreds of thousands of results are displayed. Even with an addition such as books, seniors or food hundreds or thousands more pages are listed. Usually, many users come across the specific product search in the respective online store. But even this way there is usually a choice between several providers. So if you want to establish a successful business on the Internet, you have to align with the needs of the customers. 

Tips to make your online shop a success

  1. A simple structure that clearly lists all products in one category. Thus, at first glance, customers see the offer in their entirety.
  2. The design has to be “responsive”. By this is meant that the site adapts to the lock screen of the terminals – mobile phones, tablet computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The customer has to find the products without having to search forever on the screen.
  3. Colors influence buying behavior. This also applies in the online area! The call-to-action button, the button that asks for a purchase, must be strikingly designed. He should stand out from the rest of the design color. Red and green is an unfavorable mix, since there are people who have a poor eyesight in these colors.
  4. A simple and clear checkout process. This is about the way from the digital shopping cart to the cash register.
  5. Not just a payment method! Customers want to have their preference for payment methods. It should be at least by invoice, PayPal, and credit card to choose from.