How to get a promotion

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To get a promotion is something special and motivation for every employee. The job is expanding and becoming more exciting and varied. In addition, the increase in responsibility often leads to an increase in salary. So why wait for the boss to come to you? Work actively on your career and take steps to get a promotion. .

These tips and tricks can help you speed up your path to get a promotion

  • Show commitment to important projects. Especially in large companies, you have to draw attention to yourself. Ensure positive performances that no one expects. Don’t just do service according to the regulations, but do more. Always raise your finger when you can lead important projects. If you don’t get the leadership of the project, you’ll get involved in the team so you stand out from the crowd. This is achieved above all through own and creative ideas.
  • Consider both supervisors and employees. If you only pay attention to your superiors, your employees will not follow you sooner or later. You should also show that you have the potential to take on more responsibility. To do this, you have to be strong and solid and take things into your own hands. But don’t become perfectionist and better-known. To get a promotion, you also need your colleagues on your side. You can make recommendations to your boss and support you in your project. In addition, you will also have to continue to work with them and should therefore be interested in a positive relationship. But avoid the extreme here too: don’t be too buddy with colleagues. This will not lead to your manager or colleagues being able to see them as leaders. The secret is to find the golden middle.
  • Find allies. Don’t just focus on a mentor. For example, if you have problems with speeches, look for a suitable language trainer. Don’t be afraid to talk to your employees. One or the other certainly has special knowledge to help you. If you also know that your colleagues and also your family are behind you and trust you to be promoted, this will add motivation and self-confidence. This will help you stay optimistic even in difficult situations and invest more time for additional tasks. With tailwind, you climb the career ladder more easily and more relaxed.
  • Take a positive approach to this. Especially if you are in a leadership position, you will be thanked. Who wants to work for Mr “grim”? Try to be sympathetic and dynamic. Not only will this make your job easier, your team will also respond positively and motivated, making it easier to work together. However, do not become the company’s casper, but remember that you are also a respected person and a role model. Being a sympahtie and a respect person at the same time is feasible and should be your goal.

It is important that you really want the promotion and are willing to invest time and patience for it. Be aware in advance whether you are really up to the task of the future and trust yourself to be promoted. If you still have the support of your colleagues, the active work on your career can begin.