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How to juggle a second job

Second job

Juggling priorities can try at the best times. But it’s even more if you’re one of the million of workers who moonlight with a second job. Whether you’re working in a clothing store on Saturdays to pay out student loans or sing in a jazz bar during happy hour, hoping to become the next Diana Krall, these expert tips can help you make the moonlighting easier.

1. Diversify your work

Working on two jobs in the same sector is a recipe for boredom and burnout. So, if you’re in an office all day, you get a part-time job outdoors. Or if you work with the public, try to work alone. You’ll find that the diversity and difference in your two jobs actually makes each of them more interesting to you. It keeps your working life fresh and engaging.

2. Go for flexibility

Your second job should provide a schedule that fits your full time hours. The food and hospitality industries work with retailers to provide flexibility and hire part-time managers. And security, administrative and call center work also allow for adjustable, part-time schedules.

3. Create a weekly work schedule

This helps to reduce stress and avoid scheduling conflicts. Free online programs like Google Calendar and Zoho Calendar provide an efficient and easy way to keep your schedule manageable.

4. Work to live

Eat well, sleep well, play sports and pursue hobbies. Barrow also recommends sharing feelings and frustrations with loved ones. You probably will not have much free time and family members may feel alienated, it’s important to let them know,” I still love you. “

Thinking in the short term

Ideally, moonlighting is a temporary measure, so try to reach the end of the extra job. You do not want to become a slave to your work program. Remember, your main goal is to get a job that you really enjoy.