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How to have the perfect barbecue grilling


Anyone else want a sausage? This is probably the most frequently asked question in summer. Barbecues are popular pleasures and are also delicious, nutritious and – if you’re right – low in fat and healthy with the perfect barbecue grilling.

The appeal of preparing your meal over an open fire is unbroken. Still mostly charcoal grills arebought. But the gas grill is slowly catching up. And if you do not like burnt food, you can not taste the difference. For both types, however, there is a clear trend: grilling with a lid! This can also prepare large grilled food and also saves grilling time. With the barbecue professionals in the US, this method has long been the norm. Of course, there are huge differences in grills: A simple charcoal grill is available in the supermarket for less than 10 euros – but holds only one season. In the specialized trade you can get – for something bigger, something well-known and much more durable – grills between 30 and 300 euros. (Gas appliances up to 3500 euros). But wherever the heat comes out, what matters is what you make of it!

Perfect barbecue grilling: The three most popular grill types:

  • Charcoal barbecue : According to the “International Grillwatch Study” by the manufacturer Weber Stephen, 76% of all grills are charcoal grills. They are relatively inexpensive and give the feeling of preparing food over an open fire fr the perfect barbecue grilling. It is available as a disposable model, as mini on the go and as a professional grill with lid, thermometer, controlled air supply and ash container.
  • Gas Grill : For some time gas grills commercially available reinforced, because they offer some unbeatable advantages: short heating less flame and long operational readiness with a 5 kg gas bottle. Their disadvantage is the high price and sometimes huge differences in quality between cheap and expensive devices.
  • Electric Grill : In the apartment, on the balcony and simply everywhere, where there is electricity, the electric grill is a real alternative to the coal or gas grill. Grill fans often have both in the house. Although the devices are quite small, they are quick to use and easy to clean. Ideally, the heating coil is not open, so no fat burns for the perfect barbecue grilling.

Which charcoal is the best?

  • Coal : Made for mini-grills and perfect for hiking and trekking tours are small pressed tabs made of hard coal. They are easy to light and give a good grilling in a short time for the perfect barbecue grilling. The relatively high price limits their use.
  • Charcoal : The classic fuel for the grill is inexpensive, easy to light and glows quickly. At the same time this is the disadvantage, the glow does not last very long. Rarely made from local wood, often imported from tropical countries.
  • Barbecue briquette : For a long barbecue, grilled briquettes are ideal. They give off evenly heat for several hours. But they only glow slowly and are often made of lignite. Alternatively, there are some from coconut shell (Internet).

Grill directly or indirectly?

Classically, the embers are ignited in the grill, over it comes the grill and sausages and Co. are cooked on it. Since the heat acts directly on the food from below, the method for perfect barbecue grilling is also called direct grilling.

In contrast, the indirect grilling, the heat is passed from all sides to the grill food as in a hot air oven. But this is only possible with a grill with lid, so that the heat comes from above. Advantage: The coal or, with the gas grill, the active burners are located on the side of the food and below it begins, for example, an aluminum dish (grill accessories) dripping grease – flame formation is impossible. Of course you can grill directly with lid, which speeds up the cooking process significantly.

Lighting a barbecue: what should be considered?

  • Light barbecue briquettes: The somewhat heavy grill briquettes do not need half an hour in a chimney until they are fully annealed. They are lit with underlay grill dice.
  • Light charcoal: Charcoal can of course be ignited with any standard grill lighter. Faster with a hot air device and special ignition nozzle (Steinel) or with a special heating rod.
  • Igniting the gas grill: To ignite a gas grill, first let some gas flow into the burners and then always use the built-in ignition mechanism.

Grill with lid

With a lid over the grill, the sausage is cooked faster. In addition, you can grill it indirectly and so also great grilled food (chicken) perfectly prepared.

Supermarket Grill

The cheap grill from the supermarket is always a good, inexpensive stopgap. Even if they are made of thin sheet metal and a bit shaky on their legs, they usually survive a barbecue season.


Not for the garden party, but perfect when you’re on the go. This has two grills and – when folded – the firing chimney with built-in.

Balcony Box Grill

Only to be recommended, if you get along well with the neighbors – then it is perfect for those who do not have their own garden.

Charcoal grill for inside

Who says that you can not grill in the apartment? This is possible with novel wood chips. They are smoke and odor-free, and there is also a matching table grill.

Electric grill only fat free

If you buy an electric grill, you should take one that hides the heating elements under a grill plate, so that no fat can burn. Besides, he should have a drain on fat.

Gas grill with several burners

A gas grill needs at least three burners to evenly heat the grill surface. Lava stones and ceramic briquette do not do that. So you can possibly also barbecue indirectly.

Hidden burners

To ensure that the gas grill burners are protected and do not burn fat, they must be covered.

Cast iron grate

Cast iron stores and distributes the grill heat. Even over the gas flame you can get results like on the charcoal grill.

Heat test

Fro perfect barbecue grilling, the embers are very hot when you feel the temperature in the hand after 1 to 2 seconds at about 12 cm above the grate as unpleasant. If it takes 3 to 4 seconds to do so, the ember has a medium temperature, which is 5 to 6 seconds low.

Grill large pieces of meat

Even poultry whole or roast can be prepared in the grill: with the indirect method and about an hour’s time. This is reliable but only with barbecue briquettes.

Grilling with multi-zone heat

Create roast aromas, keep warm – this is only possible with different temperatures. Therefore, the coal is not evenly distributed, but laterally piled up and layered shallower to the middle of the grill.

Smoking on the grill

Watered wood chips in a smokehouse above the embers or the burner give the grilled food a smoke flavor.


Woody smoke flavor is also obtained when fish is cooked on a thoroughly watered cedar board in the grill.

Grilling vegetables

Grilled vegetables are not only delicious, they are also healthy . Soft, highly watery vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers should be cooked in a special grill bowl so they do not burn or burst.

Never grill cured meat

For curing, nitrite pickling salt is used. This forms during grilling carcinogenic nitrosamines. Even if you find out how this can be less harmful, you should avoid it.

Avoid pollutants when grilling

In addition to nitrosamines, they are “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons” (PAHs), which form during grilling over open, blazing embers. The best known are the Benzpyrene, which are also considered carcinogenic. In addition, heterocyclic amines (HCA) are also formed, which can also cause tumors. So: avoid burning fat and food!

Season properly when grilling

It has been demonstrated in the laboratory that the production of single HCA in chicken meat was reduced by up to 99% with a vinegar-oil-mustard-garlic-marinade and also by flavonoids in thyme, sage, oregano or mint. Benzopyrene is less dangerous with mustard and nitrosamines can be defused by ingredients of garlic and onions. But best of all, they do not even arise.

Healthy tan while grilling

Meat that has been brushed with oil before grilling will brown more evenly.

The right timing when grilling

Always start grilling when the charcoal is properly annealed or the gas grill has reached operating temperature. Then they just have to watch the Garpunkt.

Grill delicate in aluminum foil

For sensitive things such as fish fillet, sheep’s cheese or vegetables, aluminum foil is ideal. It is best to add herbs and spices to the aluminum package.

Grilling vegetables and fruits

They should be part of every barbecue. Grilled fruit such as pineapple or banana taste fantastic as a dessert.

Grill in the embers

Potatoes are known, but also onions and corn (in the leaves) are gourmet suspects. Onions turn black on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.

Give it the right time to marinate

Marinate meat the day before, fish on the grill day.

Water for grilling

Indirect grilling fills the drip tray half full of warm water, which gives a more even heat and the embers last longer.

Barbecue: The right accessory

  • Cleaning brush : Not every time after grilling, the grill must be thoroughly cleaned. The trick is to let the rust get really hot again and then simply remove the burned food residue with a soft wire brush.
  • Grilling with pizza stone : For high-quality grills, there are often so-called pizza stones, which are heated on the grill to around 300 ° C and then ideal for pizza and bread baking. This is only possible with “lid grill”.
  • Vegetable dish: There are today barbecue dishes, which are particularly suitable for the preparation of vegetables on the grill. Depending on the design, the perforated metal bowls are also suitable for preparing wok vegetables.
  • Grill with fish basket : Fish cooks fast and its skin sticks even faster to the grill grate. That’s why it pays to buy such fish holders, which prevent sticking and making turning to secondary.
  • Barbecue with wood chips : For additional smoking, wooden chips made of different types of wood are offered. Often you can find those from Hickory. You can also take your own wood, but it should not be a soft, resinous (coniferous) wood.
  • Cover : Each grill also includes a weatherproof cover, which protects the cooled grill, if you do not grill, even better, he stands under a fixed roof.
  • Grilling with a rotisserie : The grilled chicken from the spit is a delicacy of its own electrically operated rotisserie and can not be compared with snack items.
  • Barbecues with aluminum dishes : Aluminum trays are indispensable for catching fat or preparing delicate grilled food. They are more stable and easier to handle on a hot grill than self-made aluminum foil constructions. They are available in different sizes.
  • Grill glove : Anyone who has ever cleaned a heated grill or wanted to turn the sausages back with a pair of tongs will not want to go without a well-insulated grill glove. He actually belongs to the basic equipment. The grill must be prepared for this.
  • Barbecue cutlery : In addition to sausage tongs , you also need a turner to turn over hamburger steaks or chicken fillets. On a meat fork but you can do without: It provides only for leaking meat juice.
  • Thermometers : There are two types of thermometers that can be helpful: The lid thermometer, which indicates when the appliance is at operating temperature on a grill with a lid. The roasting thermometer, which displays the core temperature of a piece of meat and thus also the cooking point.

Important: Forbidden when grilling

  • Shaky Grill: A grill, especially charcoal grills, must be absolutely stable. He must not tilt or wiggle in himself.
  • Ignite with spirit, petrol and other easily flammable substances. Accelerators of this kind are not to be found on the grill! Only use special grill lighters (cube or gel) to “fire” the grill.
  • Fire hazard: Always switch off fires and electric heating rods on fireproof surfaces.
  • Clouds of smoke: Avoid clouds of smoke that bother others. Incidentally, they are signs of unwanted fat burning.
  • Fat burns: Prevent burning fat! Regardless of whether by indirect grilling, aluminum bowls or covered gas grill burners. If it should burn, never extinguish with water! It is best to put the food aside and wait until the fat is burnt – otherwise sand or a blanket will help.
  • Young children: You best have nothing to do with the barbecue and stay away from it.
  • Disposable barbecues: Since they are usually too small, glow too short and their temperature is not controllable, they are superfluous because they are unusable. They also cause unnecessary waste.

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