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20 fun weekend activities to do with friends and family

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This guide outlines fun weekend activities, with something on the list to please everybody!

Short on ideas about how to spend time over the weekend with family and friends? Or stuck for activities particularly on a rainy weekend?

20 fun weekend activities

Well, here are 20 fun weekend activities for you to try!

1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Strolling through farmer’s markets often can encourage a healthy lifestyle. When examining these locations, kids get treated to veggies and fruits sold by local growers who likely implement environmentally friendly methods. These retailers often engage children telling them about the pros of eating nutrient-rich food, making this one of the healthy as well as fun weekend activities.

2. Play Cards

Playing cards is not about winning. It is a route to connect to others through games that provide social interaction, particularly for the elderly, and a chance to laugh and relax.

3. Solve Puzzles

Puzzles foster problem-solving skills, increase IA and spatial reasoning, plus delay dementia. Google Play is home to hundreds of quality options for fun weekend activities, and some of the best are Baba Is you, Fez, and Portal 2.

4. Watch Old Movies

Turner Classic Movies is a channel most cable providers carry. But if yours does not have it, know there is a range of public domain films anyone can view for free online. The cool thing about these vintage films is that they are appropriate for all ages, making them great family-oriented fun weekend activities!

5. Do Leaf Artwork

Nature is beautiful, and so are the patterns it creates. Leaf art involves gathering various leaves, coloring them, and then pasting them as seals on differing fabrics, creating artisan-like artwork.

6. Go to a Science Museum

Museums teach the young efficiently because they provide a stimulating and visceral way of learning. Their chief goal is to educate the public. And every community probably has one within driving distance, making this one of the most educational fun weekend activities.

7. Dye Things

Find some old t-shirts and turn them into new fashions with dye. Try tie-dying, twist-dying and even platter dying. Just be sure to lay out plenty of plastic first to keep the surrounding area clean, and wear rubber gloves!

8. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a fantastic option among the fun weekend activities to keep kids busy for hours. Choose a theme, pick a spot, create clues, and set them loose.

9. Build a Family Tree

You can use pen and paper or opt to go the digital route by utilizing free software like Canva, which has family tree templates. Essentially, a family tree is a visual representation of a person’s lineage. It gives people a connection to their heritage and can be fun to create as it involves interviewing family members about their and your ancestors.

10. Do Home Repairs

Everyone has something faulty in their house/apartment. If some free time has landed in your lap, get the little ones, or invite some friends over, watch a few YouTube videos on things that need fixing, and give it a crack, turning a chore into one of the most productive fun weekend activities.

11. Create a First-Aid Kit

Statistics show that 44% of Americans do not have a first aid kit at home. If you fall into this group, check out the Red Cross website regarding the things one should have and go shopping. You can pick your bag and the quality of the content you put in your kit to match your consumer standards.

12. Visit Open Houses

Yes, with no intention to buy. This can be one of the great free fun weekend activities. It is a novel way to get home-remodeling ideas, discover decorating trends, be adventurous, and audition realtors for a future potential sale. Who knows? You may even pick up some salesperson sage tips along the way.

13. Go for a Picnic

Picnics are sadly becoming a neglected tradition in the US. But, without question, going out for one is a terrific way to let go of stress, bond with family and friends, share homemade snacks, get vitamin D, and breathe fresh air. Everyone has a park nearby. So why not take advantage of it now and again?

14. Casino Night-Themed Party

Gambling can be super fun. However, losing money is not. Thankfully on gambling sites, there are plenty of online casino games with demo-play options, meaning functions that use fun credits. These software-powered products can get implemented in a home gaming shindig without anyone knowing that they stem from a legit internet betting platform.

15. Play Board Games

Science has proven that board games release the feel-good chemical in our bodies, endorphins. That is what many call the happiness hormone. But on top of this, Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Risk, and Clue are something many people have around the house for fun weekend activities.

Various studies have proven they improve consciousness while supplying social entertainment that leaves most individuals cheerful and content.

16. Sightsee Locally

There has bound to be something of note nearby that you have not explored as part of your fun weekend activities, so check on the local tourist websites and see what you come up with!

17. Redecorate

When feeling bored, move furniture around. Who knows, maybe the best configuration has not yet been achieved.

18. Do the Community Some Good

Everyone can help others through various means. These include collecting and donating old clothes, food supplies, hygiene products, volunteering at a soup kitchen, gathering litter, etc, as one of the most community-minded fun weekend activities.

19. Bake Something

Thousands upon thousands of free recipes live on the Web. Pick one with those closest, and make something tasty.

20. Search for Constellations

Many constellations can be viewed in the night sky, and you do not need a telescope to spot them. Find a star map online and gather with friends and family to spot the constellations as one of great night-time fun weekend activities.

Final thoughts

These are only 20 tips. A range of other fun weekend activities lies at your fingertips if you give your mind a few minutes to think. Just remember, keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate.