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How to remove warts easily

Is there a safe way to remove warts easily? We’ll show you what options you have to get rid of them, with some home remedies as well.

Warts pose no danger, but they are not nice to look at.  Warts are harmless, but can quickly become annoying and are also highly contagious. No wonder that most people want to get rid of this beauty blemish as quickly as possible.

Most warts do not cause discomfort and often go away on their own. However, this can take months or even years. If you don’t want to be patient, you will find various options for below to remove warts easily.

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What are warts?

Warts are benign skin growths. The trigger is the human papillomavirus, HPV for short. The rather harmless pathogen penetrates through injured or cracked skin areas and there is an infection of the cell structure in the upper layers of the skin.

The wart develops about three months later. People with a weakened immune system, existing skin diseases or an allergy are at higher risk of infection.

Not every layperson recognizes a wart straight away. Corns, calluses , birthmarks or even skin cancer can also be mistaken for this.

Typical identifying features are the following:

  • pale and skin-colored appearance
  • rough surface
  • black surface capillaries
  • not interrupted by skin

Warts are rather flat and do not form “roots”.

Are warts contagious?

Warts are contagious. The viruses are transmitted directly. This can happen when using towels or razors. The incubation period can be up to eight months. There is a high risk of infection in swimming pools or saunas.

Tip: There are different types of warts. The “fake” warts are not transmitted by viruses and are therefore not contagious. These include stem warts and age warts.

Remove warts easily with natural home remedies

There are a number of natural home remedies suggested to remove warts easily. However, the effect has not been scientifically proven. Fresh warts have the best chance of success when you want to remove warts easily. The following methods are no guarantee, but an option to do something gently and inexpensively against annoying warts.

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably the most common home remedy to remove warts easily. The apple cider vinegar is applied with a swab or cotton ball. Then tape the wart off with a plaster. The process can be repeated several times a day.

Tip: This gentle method can also be used overnight.

If the wart begins to turn brown, it will only take a few days before it disappears. For the application, you should rely on naturally cloudy organic apple cider vinegar.

The combination of apple cider vinegar with baking powder is particularly effective. They make a paste from both substances, apply it to the wart and tape it off with plaster. This mixture has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Tip: You can also mix castor oil with baking soda to make a paste and use it similarly.


This application will take some patience and should be done daily for several weeks.

How to make a garlic plaster against warts:

  • Peel the clove of garlic
  • Slice the clove of garlic
  • Rub the wart with a garlic slice
  • Place the garlic slice on the wart
  • Secure the garlic slice with the plaster
  • Leave the garlic plaster on overnight

It is important to soak the wart well with garlic juice before attaching the clove of garlic.

banana peel

This home remedy is said to help relieve itching while gently softening the skin. You need a small piece of banana peel, which is placed inside on the wart and fastened there with a plaster. The patch can also be applied overnight and changed daily.


remove warts easily
Propolis has an antibacterial effect

Propolis may not be a common household remedy, but should not go unmentioned as a gentle natural product. The bees make the resinous mass to seal their hive. It contains valuable ingredients that have an effect against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Tip: Propolis contains an active ingredient with salicylic acid, which is often found in wart remedies from pharmacies.

Propolis can be applied to the wart in the form of tinctures or ointments.

Warning: Anyone who is allergic to bee and wasp stings, royal jelly and honey should not use propolis.

Insider tip: tape

Adhesive tape should in turn everyone have in stock. The secret of this application is the removal of oxygen by sealing the wart airtight. The dressing should be changed after about three days.

After removing the tape, the wart is soaked in lukewarm water for about five minutes. Then the upper skin layer is carefully removed with a fine nail file. The skin must neither hurt nor bleed.

This method has been scientifically examined several times. A study from 2002 confirmed that masking warts had a similar effect to icing. Four years later, studies by the University of Maastricht could not support this thesis. It is believed that the bandage was not tight enough and was changed too often.

Other home remedies

In addition to the home remedies already explained

  • clove oil
  • vitamin C
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Juice of unripe figs
  • Lemon slices soaked in alcohol
  • potatoes

Methods from the pharmacy to remove warts easily

If no changes were found with the home remedies described, various preparations from the pharmacy can be used. These are available without a prescription and can be used at home according to the instructions.

The effectiveness of these preparations is based on various active ingredients:

active substanceexplanation
formic acid
The wart can be dried out by using formic acid.
The solution is easy to use and only needs to be applied once a week.
The liquid is absorbed into the skin and leaves no visible film.
Formic acid is suitable for the treatment of warts on all parts of the body.
salicylic acid
The application of salicylic acid causes the cornea to detach.
Treatment should be done daily.
After about three months, the wart should go away.
The effect is roughly comparable to salicylic acid, but it is a stronger solution, the application of which requires some precautionary measures.

Dissolving the horny layer is a common method of wart removal. In addition to salicylic acid, lactic acid also has a similar effect. For warts in the facial area, the application of vitamin A acid is recommended. High-dose vitamin A capsules can be opened for this. The liquid is applied directly to the wart.

Tip: Young warts often disappear after four weeks after treatment with vitamin A. Older soles of the feet can require treatment for up to six months.

The acids mentioned can be obtained as a solution, cream or plaster in pharmacies. A prescription is usually not necessary. Read the package leaflet carefully before use. Creams or solutions are mostly intended for long-term orders. Patches are worn for a few days.

Warts cryotherapy

Icing the warts is a common method, which can also be carried out at home with suitable preparations. Commercial products contain a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane gas. The warts can be iced up at temperatures of minus 50 degrees.

Preparations for self-medication, which contain nitrous oxide, are new on the market . The freeze the warts using gas that reaches temperatures of up to minus 80 degrees. When the liquid nitrogen is applied, a short, sharp pain is felt. The skin turns red and can swell slightly. Blistering is also possible. After a few days, a crust forms and the wart heals.

Warning: diabetics and people with shop window disease should not freeze warts on their feet. This could lead to nerve damage due to poor blood circulation.

Have the warts removed surgically

Usually warts can be fought with your own means. Occasionally, warts may not go away or recur for years. If these cause pain and none of the means and methods mentioned provide relief, surgical removal should be considered.

Burn warts away

Warts can burn away using electrosurgery or laser treatment. Electrosurgery uses a high-frequency electrical current that flows through the wart and “burns away”. The wart tissue can be destroyed with the laser device.

Icing warts

Cryotherapy is also used in medical practices and clinics. The liquid nitrogen brings it to a temperature of minus 190 degrees in professional use and thus achieves twice the cooling effect of the common preparations for home use.

Surgical intervention

During an operation, the wart is scraped out with a scalpel or another sharp-edged instrument or cut out completely. To completely remove the wart, the procedure must be repeated frequently.

Prevent warts

As already mentioned, warts transmitted by viruses are contagious. The risk of infection can be minimized with a few simple methods:

  • Do not use towels together.
  • Do not walk barefoot in swimming pools and saunas.
  • Change shoes frequently and dry if necessary.
  • Cover existing warts while swimming.
  • Do not touch warts with your fingers.
  • Don’t scratch the warts.

This prevents you from being infected with warts and also minimizes the risk of becoming a contagion yourself.

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