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How to wash sheepskin correctly

wash sheepskin correctly

What is the best way to wash sheepskin correctly? Cozy sheepskins are very popular, especially in winter. But what to do when it gets dirty? We show you what you have to consider when cleaning.

Sheepskins are nice and fluffy and warm you up immensely. It is no wonder that one or the other even fetches the fur in bed or covers the stroller with it. It is normal that there is no contamination. Although lambskins are largely self-cleaning, cleaning is still necessary from time to time. We show you how to wash sheepskin correctly.

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Wash sheepskin correctly

Which skins can be washed?

Many elements play a role in the question of whether lambskin can be washed. This includes:

  • Where does the lambskin come from?
  • How was it tanned?

Most of the skins come from Australia or New Zealand. But there are also those that are imported from Tibet, Iceland or Austria.

Tanning determines washability

Depending on the type of tanning, lambskins have a very typical color. It is very important when it comes to whether the fur can be washed or not. Here is a table with explanations:

methodexplanationBenefits and washability
medical tanningThese skins are tanned with substances that contain aldehyde. A typical characteristic is the yellowish color.particularly soft
machine washable
very sweat and dirt repellent
vegetable tanningIt is rarely used. Tannins from leaves, wood or bark are used for this. The color of the fur goes from white to beige, the leather has a slight red cast.Skins are washable
SalzgerbungHere, aluminum salts are usually used. The fur retains its natural color. The leather also remains light.particularly ecological tanning variant
Skins may be exposed to sunlight

When is cleaning necessary?

The fur should only be washed when absolutely necessary. Washing too often damages the softness and the leather on the back. In addition, the fat layer contained in the fur is destroyed bit by bit.

A lambskin should always be brushed out first with a special fur brush. Shaking out and removing stains with a damp cloth is better to maintain the fluffiness of the lambskin. This cleaning program is usually the most sensible and completely sufficient.

To wash …

Whether you wash a lambskin by hand or put it in the machine depends on the fur. Most of them have a label sewn on, which shows whether the fur is suitable for hand washing or machine washing.

There are special detergents on the market that are suitable for animal skins. A fabric softener is not necessary.

By the way: skins that have been tanned with salts should never be put in the washing machine, otherwise the salts will be washed out and the positive properties of the fur will disappear.

… in the washing machine

We recommend cleaning hand washable skins. But if you want to wash your lambskin in the washing machine, there are a few things you should consider.

  • wash at a maximum of 30 degrees
  • Use the wool washing program
  • do not spin
  • do not put any other textiles in the machine

… by hand

If, on the other hand, the fur is only intended for hand washing, this can be done in the bathtub or a larger barrel. The fur is allowed to soak in water at a maximum of 30 degrees for about 30 minutes. After that, all soiling is loosened to such an extent that it can be removed completely. After washing, you should rinse the fur with clear water.

What should be considered when drying?

After washing the fur, gently pull it back into shape with your hands and hang it up to dry. It is important that you do not expose the fur to direct sunlight. You should also give the fur about two days to dry completely. In summer it is also possible to hang the fur in the shade over a chair.

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