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How to drill granite correctly

drill granite correctly

“Hard as granite” is not just a phrase. Many do-it-yourselfers have already gained their practical experience with the natural stone and may not have broken their teeth on it, but may have ruined some drills. The successful drilling of granite with the right tool is the only way to do it well. Our guide has comprehensive information for how to drill granite correctly.

Advantages and the optical effect of granite

Granite is rock hard in the truest sense of the word. It’s not just the high resilience and longevity that results from this that makes granite so popular in the house. In addition, straight-cut or polished granite impresses with a stunning texture. In addition, there is a diverse application of the natural stone.

  • Floor tiles and slabs
  • Worktops in the kitchen
  • Washbasin panels in the bathroom
  • Flooring outdoors

The most common problems to drill granite correctly

The fact that it is such a tough stone means that with normal drills you have to work granite again and again. While special milling machines or granite saws are used for cutting granite, do-it-yourselfers often try their hand at the natural stone with conventional stone drills and their impact drill. After a few minutes and even a few millimeters in the stone, however, the disillusionment often occurs when looking at the blue annealed drill and the small progress made.

Drill granite correctly: the right tools

Therefore, the use of the right tool is all the more important. They have various options, especially as far as drilling materials are concerned.

  • Diamond drill,  hollow
  • Diamond drill, full

Drill hammer and diamond drill

drill granite correctly

In any case, a drill hammer should be used as a work tool, as a impact drill does not have enough hammer stroke available. Whether you drill water-cooled or dry is almost a question of faith. There are drill manufacturers who point out that dry drilling would not shorten drilling rigage. On the other hand, we recommend granite drilling with a water-cooled drill.

Important precautions before drilling

Before drilling, you should definitely tighten or firmly place another stone slab at the bottom of the granite slab to be drilled. Otherwise, there could be severe fragmentation when the drill exits.


Granite can be drilled with a hammer, as the rock is very hard but hardly tends to burst. However, you should be explicitly careful when drilling into the edge of granite. Especially if you want to use dowels here, this could break the stone after some time. Instead, it is recommended to glue anchor pins or similar products if necessary anchorages are required. 

Drilling in the edge of granite is also risky enough. If necessary, you should use the holes to hire a stonemason. After all, many products (work surfaces and the like) are expensive and expensive materials. Damage such as shards can also hardly be glued without seeing it.

In addition, you do not necessarily have to buy a drill hammer if you want to drill granite. Many DIY stores offer a tool rental for affordable prices.

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