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How to remove scratches from an iPad screen

remove scratches from an iPad screen

Who has not had this happen? You stop paying attention for a second and the beloved iPad ends up with a a scratch on the screen. iPads are quite expensive to buy, so the annoyance of a scratch is huge. Had you rather used a suitable iPad protective bag or screen protector, it wouldn’t have happened, of course. But we’re not going to lecture you about that. Right now, you just need to get rid of the scratch. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to remove scratches from an iPad screen.

Before you send your iPad for repair and have to dig deep into your pocket, follow our steps below to remove scratches from an iPad screen — and then PLEASE get a screen protector so you don’t get more!

Remove scratches from an iPad screen: materials

  • glass scratch remover polish (often used for display cases)
  • a microfibre cloth (available in every supermarket)


  • First you should provide a soft surface to work on, to prevent further scratches.
  • Clean the display with a dust-free cloth on the front. This is best dome with a microfiber cloth. Under no circumstances may other fabrics or cloths be used! Only a microfiber cloth is gentle enough.
  • Now apply some of the polish to the display and polish the entire glass with the cloth for 3-4 minutes under strong pressure using a circular motions. 
  • After that, the scratches should actually be history. 
  • If not, for example with deep scratches, simply repeat the application several times until the desired result is achieved.

Do not use on painted surfaces, just work on the transparent display glass.


  • If you cannot find the glass scratch remover polish, some toothpastes will work well, but you should first try them on a tiny corner of the screen to ensure they don’t leave it dull.
  • To avoid future scratches, it is best to buy a screen protector. There are various providers on the Internet. Simply enter google “iPad protective film”. These provide enough protection to avoid simple scratches.
  • You should never apply liquids directly to the iPad. The liquid always first on a microfiber cloth and then on the device. This avoids liquid damage that is not covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Use only very soft cloths (no towel, tempo or similar). In the worst case, these can aggravate the situation.
  • This procedure does not work to remove scratches on the back or painted parts of the iPad.

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