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How to make the best home remedies for colds

best home remedies for colds

The nose is running and we start to cough. Every year there is at least once such a cold. Although we know that the cold is passing, the most pressing question every year is again “What to do for a cold?”  We want to get rid of the cold quickly, because it is a annoyance that irritates us again and again. But what helps against cold? Here are the best home remedies for colds.

What is a cold and how does it develop?

Cold, which is referred to as rhinitis, is an inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane caused by viruses. From a medical point of view, the cold is harmless. A causal therapy does not exist – even the best cold remedies can not cure the cold.

What are the symptoms of runny nose and what do they mean?

The symptoms are well known to us: The nose runs or is blocked, we cough, complain of a sore throat and a general feeling of illness. These symptoms merely mean that our mucous membranes are inflamed. Viruses have taken root there. Our immune system reacts with the inflammation to these invaders and fights them.

Is the common cold dangerous?

A cold is harmless. It disappears on its own after a period of about seven days and usually leaves no damage. 

Best home remedies for colds

The question “What helps with cold?” Will have led you to this article. Now that you have learned that a causal therapy is not available, we also want to offer you something positive. In case of runny nose what to do to get rid of these annoying symptoms? The answer is: use home remedies for colds. Because using a home remedy for a cold is not only practical and inexpensive.

Getting rid of colds with home remedies is also very easy. Here are some helpful tips and tricks: home remedies for sore throats, home remedies for coughing and, of course, home remedies for colds. If you equip your medicine cabinet in advance with a range of effective home remedies for colds, you will never have to ask yourself “What can you do for a cold?”  What helps, we tell you in our tips.

Tip 1: Inhalation for a runny nose

Take a bowl of hot water and cover the bowl with a towel . Keep yourself under the towel for a few seconds. So you inhale the water vapor, which moisturizes your mucous membranes and acts as a home remedy for stuffy nose. Inhaling therefore brings fast help with colds. But beware: coughing and runny nose may be aggravated by the addition of essential oils. So be careful and avoid using essential oils for colds.

Tip 2: Nasal rinsing with salt as a preventive home remedy for stuffy nose

Also, home remedies in the form of nasal irrigation can work wonders against a stuffy nose. So if you want to fight cold with a home remedy, grab a nose for home remedies! Nasal showers are available at the drugstore. They are filled with water and salt, which can be purchased in portion sizes, and serve to rinse the nose . However, such a nasal rinse is especially suitable for prevention. If you are already ill, you should refrain from this home remedy for stuffy nose. Nasal rinse as a home remedy for colds, however, serves well as a preventive measure. However, pronounced symptoms can not be alleviated — for example, a stuffy nose. Home remedies are therefore not a panacea.

tip: Cold and flu are clearly distinguishable. While the cold is a harmless, everyday complaint, the flu is a serious illness. It is therefore treated with medical treatment – no home remedy. Cold, however, can be alleviated with simple home remedies and usually requires no medical treatment.

Tip 3: Chest rub as a home remedy for coughing

Already our ancestors appreciated rubbing in with essential oils as a home remedy for coughing. However, you should ideally resort to salves from the pharmacy, which contain these essential oils in the right amount. Also help with bronchitis home remedies? Chest rubs are also effective in bronchitis! However, treat the ointments sparingly and do not apply them to young children or people with chronic respiratory or allergic reactions.

Tip 4: Onion as a home remedy for coughing

Often called as home remedies for cold onion and potato. But can home remedies really beat colds and co. What our grandparents see as the irrefutable truth is often called into question by us. Onion juice with sugar candy is an old home remedy for cold and cough, which is still recommended today. To prepare this healing juice, cut a peeled scallion into cubes and cook on a low heat with sugar candy. Leave the mixture for a while and then filter the broth with a cloth or coffee filter. This can then be taken by the spoonful. To use as a home remedy for colds onion is quite useful, as the onion contains essential oils, sulfur compounds and flavonoids. In combination, these substances are germicidal and slightly anti-inflammatory. In case of irritant cough, to use home remedies such as the onion is therefore recommended!

As a home remedy for irritating cough, the onion is definitely suitable. To use home remedies for common colds is in principle also highly recommended.

Tip 5: Tea as a home remedy for sore throat

Many people use home remedies for sore throats. In fact, many home remedies are effective against sore throats – especially teas. Here are several effects. For one thing , we absorb more fluid , which makes sense in infections. So liquid can be seen as a home remedy for sore throats or, more generally, as a means of getting rid of colds. The ingredients of teas also act as a home remedy for colds, Active ingredients such as marshmallow, liquorice root and anise soothe the mucous membrane in the throat and put an end to the sore throat as a rapidly available home remedy. But teas can do much more. Other herbs have other effects: for example, home remedies such as teas with thyme, anise and cowslip or ribwort and ivy may be effective for coughing.

Tip 6: Infrared light for a cold

Among the tips against cold, there are always comments on the soothing effect of infrared light in case of cold. In fact, the red light can be a quick help with colds. Although scientific evidence of effectiveness is lacking, people always recommend the red light, if you want to get rid of colds quickly. In studies on rhinitis, scientists could at least say that effects against colds are conceivable. If you want to get rid of your cold, red light remains one of the best cold remedies. Sit in front of the infrared lamp for a few minutes and enjoy the heat. 

How about onion as a home remedy too for cough and runny nose too? As a home remedy for cough and runny nose the red light alone is not enough. Applying cough home remedies like onion juice is more promising than relying on the red light alone.

Tip 7: Home remedies for irritating cough

Using home remedies for irritating coughs is a good decision. Irritable cough is distinguished from the normal cough by the absence of mucus. Especially teas and other liquids help here . If you use home remedies for sore throats, you can also use them as a home remedy for irritating cough, since with both symptoms especially a permanent moistening of the mucous membranes must be achieved.

Home remedies: stuffy nose, cough, cold – home remedies help

Whether it’s a sore throat, a cough or a cold, using home remedies for a cold has often been helpful . The aforementioned cold remedies help effectively as a home remedy nasal congestion, cough and Co. and are used for a long time with great success. So do not be afraid of the next cold season. Home remedies for cold and cough help you to defeat the annoying ailment as soon as possible . Forget about expensive cold remedies. In conclusion, it can be stated that home remedies can be used for common cold, as home remedies for colds effectively relieve cough and runny nose.

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Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.