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How to make a tortilla press

Make a tortilla press

Yes, the tortilla are easy to buy and even the bought ones are good food… but why not make it even better? Do you want to make your own tortillas, but have no press? Make a tortilla press with our easy instructions.

This was an easy tool to make and took only one trip to Home Depot and less than an hour of putting together. And below, you will find the simple recipe to make the tortilla dough, and how to use the press..

Make a tortilla press: the construction

We went to Home Depot and bought 3′ 12″ and 1″ thick poplar. Make sure the board is flat. After that I realized that the saw operator could probably have cut us the 3 individual pieces.

The only other items we needed were hinges. Because the wood was actually 3/4″ thick we have 4 hinges, which were 1.5″ and also 2-3″ for the triple side. See the sketch for how they are attached.

From there I have 2 different “things” from Thingiverse…Handle: and buttons on the side to open the middle layer:

It’s a simple matter to install the hinges on the opposite sides so the press folds in three pieces. The handle allows you to press down firmly to flatten the tortilla properly. You could also use this press to create flatbread and other recipes as well.

Tortilla recipe

Mix together the maize flour with water and salt. It should end up being slightly stiff, like playdough… and it’s easy to adjust by adding more water if it too stiff, or more maize flour if it is too wet. This is the easiest recipe in the world.

Roll the dough into a ball slightly larger than a golf ball.
Put a layer of cling wrap or baking paper on the block, then the ball, then another layer of wrap over the ball.

Press and determine if the size is right for the dish.  I am often the victim of very padded tortillas, so I have large diameter… I advocate something like 10″.

With cellophane, deli paper or other food safe material, keeping the tortilla separate and prevent the adherence to the press. Instead of getting the ball closer to the band side, set it so it will get even pressure across the entire tortilla. If you are too far away from the hinge you will get a wedge shaped thickness rather than the even thin tortilla you want.

From there it does not get it easier… close tightly, the middle layer, then top. The weight of the wood will flatten the tortilla perfectly.