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How to make sugaring wax for hair removal

make sugaring wax for hair removal

Those that try sugaring swear they will never go back to normal waxing. Here is how to make sugaring wax for hair removal at home.

Hair removal is a tedious subject. How do you do it right? Shaving is probably the easiest and above all cheapest option. But the hair grows quickly and after a short time you will notice that your skin is just irritated all the time. Epilation is a cost-effective option for home to remove the hair for a little longer time. But epilating is painful, for many, even worse than waxing.

A really quite permanent solution would be laser hair removal, but only a few can or would want to afford it. Especially since it is not even guaranteed that the hair will be missing for many years. What you need is a method that is not painful or dangerous, and is also much healthier.

All that remains is waxing or sugaring as an alternative method for hair removal. Since waxing with wax cartridges and pull-off strips is not so pleasant — actually, it’s downright painful — and can leave you with rashes and sometimes even burns, we recommend sugaring. The practice of sugaring for epilation originated in Persia in ancient times, and is becoming more popular today as people shy away from the pain and damage of normal waxing.

Our recipe for the required sugar paste is easy to make yourself and with some practice you become a depilament professional.

Make sugaring wax for hair removal: Ingredients (400ml sugar paste)

  • 500g sugar
  • 100g lemon juice


In a large and very high saucepan, heat the sugar with the lemon juice. Make sure that the pot is really very high, otherwise the mixture can be overcooked very easily. The sugar paste should now simmer slowly and consistently for about an hour. You have to stir them constantly with a wooden spoon so that nothing burns.

The mass must not boil more strongly, otherwise there is a risk that it will squirt. Since the sugar paste is very hot and can cause burns, you should not be distracted during production and children should also be out of reach.

At the beginning, the sugar paste is still very fluid and white to transparent. Over time, it becomes tougher and changes its color to a golden yellow reminiscent of honey.

TIP: make sure you use good quality sugar and lemons, to avoid your skin being irritated by pesticides or additives.

To check the consistency, put a small drop of the sugar mass on a plate. If the drop remains liquid at room temperature, you should stir even further and let the mixture simmer. If the drop is tough and it can be pulled and kneaded, the sugar paste is ready.

You can now put it in a clean container and wait until it has cooled down. For use, take a small amount of the cold sugar paste out of the jar and start kneading and pulling in your hands.

If it is elastic and room-temperature, you can remove your hair with it. On YouTube you will find countless videos on how to apply the paste correctly, but follow the basics steps below.

Sugaring wax for hair removal: how to apply

  • Before you can start with the sugar, you need to prepare your legs. Do not cream with creams or oils for at least 24 hours before depilation, as the sugar mass will not be able to grip the hair. 
  • Rinse the legs once with clear water and dry them properly. If necessary, you can also rub them with some baby powder so that they are even drier. 
  • Then it’s time to sugar: shape the mass between the hands into a ball and then pull it apart. 
  • Opposite the hair growth direction, in a strip, coat the sugaring wax on the skin and wait for a short time until the mass cools slightly. 
  • Then remove with the growth direction. 
  • You need about three passes per skin area to catch all the hairs. So it goes on until you have all the hair removed.

Hair removal with sugaring has many advantages

Sugaring takes a bit of practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it, you probably don’t want to miss the gentle hair removal method. The advantages at a glance:

– All ingredients are cheap and available at any time.

– The result lasts up to six weeks. And if a hair shows up earlier, you can remove it from 1 millimeter length.

– The sugar paste encloses the hair, but does not stick to the skin. This has reduced skin irritation, pimples and ingrown hair .

– The hair removal with the growth direction is particularly gentleand is also suitable for sensitive skin areas such as the bikini zone, under the armpits or in the face.

– By regular hair removal with sugaring, fewer hairs grow back, and those that do are even finer. But so that even these hairs do not become ingrown, you should exfoliate your body regularly and keep the skin supple.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion and beauty stylist from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.

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