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How to clean a washing machine

washing machine

So that the washing machine does not start to smell or calcify, it should be cleaned regularly. But not always you have to resort to chemical means. Here’s how to clean a washing machine and use only home remedies.

Although washing at low temperatures can be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, it also ensures that bacteria accumulate faster in the machine. This will cause your washing machine to stink or mold to form. Therefore, you should always make sure to clean the washing machine at regular intervals. But anyone who thinks that you always have to resort to chemical means for the removal of dirt is wrong! Even the classic home remedies are enough to fight lime and dirt. You can find out which ones here.

Watch out! To avoid damage to the laundry, we recommend that you carry out the cleaning cycle empty. This means that no laundry should be in the drum. Also, do not forget the rubber seals when cleaning the washing machine. They provide the perfect location for dirt and mold.

Clean a washing machine with citric acid

Citric acid is considered a true wonder remedy for calcium deposits and bacteria. Because even if it suggests the acid contained in the name at first, it is indeed a very strong home remedy, but is not harmful to rubber seals and hoses, which in turn can lead to water damage. Therefore, it is also included in many commercially available decalcifiers. Especially when the washing machine stinks, citric acid is a popular remedy. It leaves a pleasantly fresh smell and successfully fights bacteria.

Here’s how: At regular intervals (approximately every two months), add five to ten tablespoons of citric acid to the empty wash basket and start the standard wash at 40 ° C. Half way through, pause and leave the lemons Soak the water mixture in the machine for about two hours. Then the wash cycle can be stopped.
Clean the washing machine with soda

With soda you have an effective remedy against bacteria, fungi, lime and bad smells. For a long time, this home remedy is no longer a secret. To clean the washing machine with soda, pour 50 grams of the powder into the detergent compartment and allow the empty drum to pass through at 60 ° C. For even more intensive cleaning you can add 50 ml of vinegar to the soda. Just put it in the softener compartment and then start the wash cycle.

Important: Due to the damage that vinegar can leave on the rubber seals and metal parts of your washing machine, cleaning should not be repeated too often.
Clean the washing machine: baking soda does it too

If you have no soda at hand, you will also find in your box with the baking utensils. Because baking powder is also suitable to clean your washing machine. It combats calcium deposits and makes the machine shine again. Mix a packet of baking soda with some water to form a paste and either pour it directly into the drum or detergent compartment. To achieve the perfect result, you should choose a hot wash of at least 60 degrees.

In order to avoid that bacteria collect quickly in the washing machine, we advise you to run again and again a cooking cycle. Only from 90 ° C, the bacteria are thoroughly killed. And she does not even have to walk empty – textiles such as towels and bed linen are also great when they are thoroughly washed.

Our last tip does not really have anything to do with home remedies, but is just as effective at eliminating lime and co .: dishwasher tabs. Because what can provide for immaculately clean cutlery, brings the washing drum to shine again. Simply put a tab in the drum and wash empty at 60 ° C. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure three to four times a year.

Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing and construction.

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