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How to pack for a child’s school trip

School trip

On a school trip, your child is almost on their own in having to be independent. Therefore, the packing list should be well considered. In this practical tip we show you what you should pack for a child’s school trip.

Packing list for school trip: What belongs in the suitcase

The list is based on the duration of the trip, the expected weather conditions, the season and the planned activities. If possible, use a lockable bag.

You need underwear for every day (can also be used as sleepwear) and light and warmer clothing. For a travel time of 3 days pack at least 2 pants, 1-2 T-shirts or long sleeve tops, 1 thick sweater, 3 pairs of socks. For sports activities, think of 1 set of change clothes.

Also pack 1 towel / travel tag, washcloth, shower and shampoo / conditioner and if necessary, a glasses case.
As a hygiene article toothbrush and toothpaste, brush / comb, deodorant, hair elastics and possibly hair gel / spray are needed.
As slippers are flip-flops. These are not wet in shared showers and are also suitable for swimming pool visits.

For the sports area, you can pack a table tennis set, a ball, a Frisbee, a bathing suit and, if necessary, a bath towel.
Think of a water bottle as a reserve.
A weatherproof jacket, headgear (cap or cap) and sturdy shoes for hiking are also important.
Depending on the season you also think of anti-mosquito spray or sunscreen.

School trip: Packing list for the backpack

For the arrival and departure or on-site activities pack a backpack:
Pack emergency food: Sometimes the food does not taste good or your child feels unwell. Butter biscuits, pretzel sticks or fruit pies in a plastic cup help against the greatest hunger. For outward and return travel, the child should be able to access enough food, especially drinks without sugar.

A smaller water bottle with screw cap should not be missing – it is suitable for filling.

In coordination with the teachers, you might pack a mobile phone for emergencies. Especially for one-offs in small groups, one phone per group is at least advisable. It is not advisable to give an expensive mobile phone.

Handkerchiefs, chewing gum, glasses cloths and disinfectant wipes should not be missing either.

Since the teachers take care of accommodation, entrance fees, transport and, to a large extent, the catering, only the most necessary needs to be considered. About a little pocket money (about $5 -10 per day) for a much-needed drink in the summer, something from the bakery or even a small souvenir should have the child ready for anything.

Also, a travel game (cards, sinking block for ships or hangman) should not be missed.

Finally, a wristwatch and a wallet/pouch are added to the list. The wallet can pack the pocket money, notes with important telephone numbers, if necessary, transport tickets as well as a student card or identity card. The pouch is also recommended for older adolescents, especially in major cities, and should be worn invisibly underneath the top garment.

In the next practical tip you will find a packing list for a city trip.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.