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Knowhow: Best apps for music streaming – pros and cons of each app

best apps for music streaming

Gone are the days of streaming music videos on YouTube with our PCs. With internet services available on-the-go, rural internet so readily available, and mobile hotspots, people can now stream their favorite music from vast music libraries all the time. We outline the best apps for music streaming and detail the pros and cons of each app, including Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube.

You can now use noise cancelling technology in wireless ear buds while you go for a run or a walk in the park, and enjoy seamless music streaming on any device. With just a touch of a button or even a voice assistant, using the best apps for music streaming, you can shuffle through the music library to find something that meets your mood and also learn how to download music and find music to add to your Instagram Stories.

Best apps for music streaming

best apps for music streaming

According to the leading tech news sites, apps like Spotify and Apple Music used to have very complex music libraries and very different varieties. That is no longer the case. You will find almost very similar categories and artists on all music streaming apps. The key to finding the best apps for yourself is understanding their pricing, features, and usefulness for you.  Here are some of the best apps that you can consider for yourself:


Spotify has become extremely popular recently. People of all age groups love the versatility of the music library on this app. It has recently launched in many countries other than the USA, which has made it the talk of the town these days. So, what makes Spotify such a hit?

Firstly, Spotify is known for its slick and seamless interface that makes finding and discovering music a breeze. It has an advanced algorithm that knows exactly what you want to see more of. A great part of Spotify is it’s free version that is available with ads and a slightly slower streaming rate. You can always use this free version to test out the app and then bump up to ad-free and faster streaming at nothing but $9.99 a month. 

There is a slight drawback to Spotfiy. The app is more about discovering new artists and also provides new, underrated artists a platform to share their work. The app might not have many huge flagship artists or artists like Beyonce due to the low pay rate Spotify offers to these artists. If you are not into that kind of music and all up for discovering new work, then Spotify is your best companion. 

Some other important features of the app are its weekly playlists, pre-made playlists for users, 30 million tracks available for listening for free and much more. 

Apple music

If you are an iOS user or just a loyal Apple customer, then don’t look for anything else than Apple Music. The streaming app has a very similar discovery system like Spotify, but with slight differences in the variety of the library. The app lets you see your friend’s playlists and what they are listening to currently. You can find your favorite particular songs, and look them up based on the artist. This is one feature that Spotify doesn’t have. The app is also available for Android users and for desktop/MacOS users. However, the desktop version has a poor interface and might not be as pleasing as the iOS app. 

At $10/month, Apple music will let you stream music at a rate of 256 Kbps. you can create playlists out of the 100,000 songs you get in the library. You can create and post your own music, follow artists and even get a 24/7 live radio option! 


Not everybody has a knack for music, and it’s very much likely that you just need some light music for entertainment as you drive to work or go out for a walk. If you don’t have many particulars in terms of music and are not fond of creating music yourselves either, then Deezer is the perfect, minimalistic music streaming app you can get.

The app is also not meant for those looking for new music. If you have a bunch of selective artists and types of genre, then the app will work well for you. You get key features like Flow that is a personal soundtrack platform. It lets you create playlists, have favorites and a bunch of recommendations based on your listening history. It is available in more countries than its competitors, and has a music library of over 43 million songs.

It is best known for its Hi-Fi streaming feature that you can avail at a price of $9.99. In terms of personalized experience, Deezer might not be the best option, but it is great for casual listening and best quality streaming. 


Boasting its ownership on several musicians, TIDAL is a big shot music streaming app in the market that has a library of over 48 million soundtracks. It has support in many parts of the world, which give it its due popularity. One most important features of the app is its CD-quality audio that can take you back to the good days of top-notch music experience.

You get a music blog, lots of playlists and Android TV support for $19.99. It is a highly recommended app for avid listeners and music lovers. If you are looking for casual entertainment, then this app might not work the best for you. 

YouTube music

YouTube music is different from the usual YouTube app where you can stream music videos and much more. The music app is a big streaming app by Google. In terms of library and song choices, YouTube music has a huge edge since it integrates with the primary YouTube platform and gives you much greater choices. You can use the app for free or for $9.99 a month.

One possible drawback is that the app is still improving and slowly taking over Google’s Play Music platform. Therefore, there are still many things lagging in terms of features and interface. However, developers are rapidly working on the app and new fixes are coming up very frequently. 

Final thoughts

Listening to music or even creating your own should not be complex. It should be affordable and versatile, which is why apps like Spotfiy and Apple music have made such huge impacts in the market. These apps can go everywhere with you, sync with all your devices, and even understand your preferences and listening habits! Of course, you do need to get yourself a fast speed internet package from buytvinternetphone that won’t be too heavy on your pocket!