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Knowhow: a guide to slot machine features and options

slot machine features and options

Outlines slot machine features and options, with an explanation of their rules and how they operate, and what future technology will add to the industry.

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Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games, as well as the most recognizable ones due to their colorful, recognizable appearance. They are fun to play, easy to understand, and come with amazing prizes, which makes them a great option for both new players and casino aficionados. Moreover, slot games feature unique themes and unrivaled graphics that attract people to try them out at least once.

What helped this game type to gain even more popularity was the rise of technology and mobile phones in particular. The online casino industry has rapidly adapted to the digital era and fully embraced all changes that came with it. It was one of the most open industries to adopting all the new trends and disruptive technologies, and the high revenue numbers are proof of that. In 2019, the online gambling industry was worth USD $45837.26 million, and by 2026, it is expected to grow to USD $77420.56 million.

More than five billion people use mobile phones, so the gambling industry focused towards developing a strong online presence. Most gambling platforms offer either a mobile-friendly version of their services, or apps that can be downloaded on almost any device.

Slot machine features and options: overview

Because of its increasing popularity, more and more software developers have brought their ideas forward and have ended up creating numerous slot games. These high-quality games provide an immersive user experience for each player.

Understanding the basic principles of slots

Although slots are very easy to understand, before starting to play, it is important to understand a few key elements. There are many features that may appear with a quick search, which will explain in more detail how to play like a pro and will even give you tips. But, for now, it is essential to understand the basic rules and how a slot game works. The most common type of slots are those with 5 and 3 reels. The more reels a game has, the more symbols will come up, and, therefore, the more paylines.

Symbols, especially scatters, are the ones that hold the highest bonuses. Usually, in a game you would have to find three of these symbols to trigger the bonus. Once you hit a winning combination, you can press the Cash Out button to collect the prize. The RTP (return to player) percentage for online slots is quite high, standing at an average of 90%, which is yet another reason players prefer them over other casino games.

Why slot games are so popular

Nowadays there are endless options when it comes to slot games, so it is important to find a theme that fits your personality after you learn how to play. Every player is different and prefers a particular theme or a particular category, and providers have tried to cover any niche possible. The themes available range from classic retro fruits and Egyptian mythology, to hobbies like sports and motorcycles, and popular culture elements such as films, music, and TV shows.

To give you a better idea of what is already out there, here are a few examples of different themes that are often utilised. If you think Ancient Egypt is something that suits your personality, then Book of Gold, Valley of the Gods, and Ancient Egypt Classic are some of the best slots out there, in terms of graphics and payout. Meanwhile, Jumanji, Pompeii, and Gladiators are games filled with action and high-quality background music and sounds that will get your adrenaline levels up.

However, their variety is not the only reason slots are constantly on the rise in the online gambling industry. Online casinos have made these games extremely accessible and convenient when they launched on all smart devices. On top of that, most of them also offer a try-before-you-buy option for new customers, as well as sign-up bonuses. This way, new players get to try out a few games without spending any money and can then decide whether they would like to continue.

Slots don’t require a lot of gambling knowledge to be played, so any new customers can try them out. They come with unrivaled graphics that can even challenge those in video games and, so far, it does not look like the industry is slowing down in adopting disruptive technologies. Brand new themes, created with the help of AR and VR, are already on the way, and we should be expecting even more immersive experiences once they launch.