How to use traditional marketing methods to boost business

Traditional marketing methods

This guide outlines the strategies for traditional marketing methods that are overlooked in the digital age.

Much of the marketing industry today is focused on digital strategies. While digital marketing techniques are a must in our technical world, there are still some benefits to traditional marketing strategies.

Top traditional marketing methods

Check out this step-by-step guide to using traditional marketing methods for your business.

Narrow Down Your Target Market

One of the first traditional marketing methods is narrowing down your market. You will want to know where your ideal customers are and how to reach them best.

If you sell products or offer services locally, you may find that your ideal customers are right in your own neighborhood. Otherwise, choose a few locations in which you want to expand your business.

Partner With Other Small Businesses in the Neighborhood

Help out other business owners by partnering with them as part of your traditional marketing methods strategy. You might partner with local mortgage brokers if you’re a real estate sales professional.

If you have a home construction business, you could partner with interior designers since homeowners will likely need both. Get the word out about your business by hanging posters or flyers in neighboring businesses and offer to do the same if you have a physical storefront.

Sponsor Local Groups or Events

Sponsoring local groups or events can also be an excellent addition to your traditional marketing methods. Help support a local children’s sporting group or organize a fundraiser.

Put your business name on the flyers and give out your custom tote bags filled with coupons or more information on your business. You can also use branded sports packs as door favors.

You’ll get free traditional marketing whenever the attendee uses your bag. Branded goods also make excellent customer thank-you gifts. Your customers will feel appreciated, and like they’ve gotten more value for the price, which also helps improve your brand’s reputation.

Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows are another excellent strategy among the traditional marketing methods because they allow you to communicate with interested buyers. Trade shows are typically a mix of potential customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and business owners.

Make sure you have plenty of marketing materials to leave with interested parties since it can be difficult to get enough time with each customer at busy trade shows.

Networking is one of the most popular activities at trade shows. Most businesses walk away with at least a few interested customers, plus a network of other industry professionals that can be useful to you as a business owner.

Print Advertising

Before there was digital marketing, there was print advertising, which is still key among the traditional marketing methods. Print advertising is a marketing strategy that uses physical printed items to sell a business.

This may include putting advertisements in newspapers. It may also include direct mailers to certain neighborhoods in your target market. Direct mailers can be especially beneficial for local service-based businesses. Even renting a billboard in your community or targeted neighborhood where you want to expand can produce effective results.

Radio Marketing

Radio marketing is another option for traditional marketing methods that can help you reach a local market. Placing a radio ad can be effective when promoting upcoming events or sales. An estimated 92% of people still listen to the radio each day, which translates to approximately 272 million people.

Radio marketing even allows you to target your audience by choosing the radio stations you advertise on and the times in which you place your advertisements. For example, commuters and family are likely to listen early in the morning, whereas younger generations are more likely to drive later at night.

Phone Calls

Making sales via phone calls adds a personal element to your traditional marketing methods strategy. Of course, you’ll want to do your research ahead of time to ensure you’re calling people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. You could also send out an email or text to check if the person is interested in a phone call.

Person-to-Person Marketing

Going back to the traditional roots of marketing is person-to-person communication. Stop into local businesses who are likely to use your services or products and work on nurturing the professional relationship.

Talk with people you meet at the coffee shop or grocery store. Make sure you have something to leave with them, like a business card or promotionally-branded goods as part of your traditional marketing methods strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, consider joining a local small business networking group in your community.


Digital has taken over the marketing world, and with the ability to predict and measure results, it’s no surprise why. However, many businesses can also benefit from incorporating at least one traditional marketing method into their strategies — and even better if you incorporate more!

Stock up on promotional items to share with potential customers when networking or attending local trade shows. Talk with strangers when out in public, and you never know who may become your next customer.