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How to treat a problem with gambling: best strategies

problem with gambling

Outlines how to treat a problem with gambling, using the best strategies that allow you to recover and rebuild your life for a new start.

Like any addiction, gambling is an irresistible and overpowering habit. Gambling is not as bad as taking drugs, but the problem with gambling arises when it gets out of control. It can ruin lives if not controlled, and help for gambling addiction is easy to seek.

The behavior of gamblers become more and more prevalent with time as it can highly impact psychological health. There are some measures that you can take to stopping your gambling addiction.

It has been seen that many people are not addicted to gambling, they are addicted to the casino’s environment that provokes a person to gamble. During the ongoing, many occasional gamblers have shifted to online gambling platforms such as Online gambling has its pros and cons, some people just gamble, able to try their luck casually, while some become addicts where the problem begins.

How to treat a problem with gambling: best strategies

There are a few important points that must go through if you want to leave casino gambling.

Notify casinos

Notify all casinos you go to. The casinos make a list of their addicted players and do not allow you to gamble there if you notify them before. It is a hard but great step that will keep you away from online gambling. You can use online gambling platforms sometimes for entertainment, but if you go to the casino you will bet more.

Gambling Addiction Therapy: trauma and conflict

An essential part of therapy is to find out the individual reasons for gambling. In addition to possible negative or traumatic experiences in childhood, current conflicts in the family, partnership or work also play a role. When the pressure and conflicts at home or at work get too great, those affected withdraw further and further into the game world. Gambling not only offers a welcome distraction from everyday problems, it also serves to regulate emotions. The therapist works with the client on these underlying conflicts.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As gambling addiction is not a disease or psychological illness but still cognitive behavioral therapy can help here. This therapy is great for people who want to overcome gambling. In this therapy, the beliefs of a gambler are changed that he will win a jackpot one day. According to a study, this therapy is highly beneficial and can save someone from ruining his life. How to improve your mental health: 5 simple ways to start today

How to treat a problem with gambling: Monitor responsibility

If you feel it hard to keep money from gambling, you must handle your money to your friend or family member. This way you would not be able to gamble. Cancel your credit cards if you have signed on to some online gambling platform.

Dealing with money and debts is an important topic of therapy. Gambling addiction usually causes high losses of money and debt. The relation to the real value of money is lost.

Dealing with the financial problems is initially an overcoming issue. However, clarity about finances and possible ways out of the debt situation relieve those affected enormously. Because it is precisely these money worries that lead those affected back to the slot machines in the hope that the big win will solve all problems. The players have to relearn how to handle money step by step. In inpatient treatment, those affected receive a small amount of pocket money. The therapist supports the player in replacing his unrealistic money fantasies with real household bills.

Play a physical sport

Rather than betting or gambling on casino games, try to indulge yourself in some physical game such as soccer, cricket or badminton etc. It will not only help you leave but also make your lifestyle healthier. Make friends that are involved in some physical games or activities. How to get better at pitching in baseball: 4 strategies

Focus on your finances

You will have lost a lot on gambling, it’s time to earn and save. Give more and more time to your business. It will make your financial status and lifestyle better. Keeping busy in your business will keep you away from gambling. Spending more and more time on your business will keep your thoughts positive and will keep you away from spending your hard-earned money on gambling. How to save money: 9 easy ways

Do exercise

Do some exercise or meditation, this keep your thoughts positive. It can greatly help in leaving any negative addiction. Meditation practices such as yoga not only makes your body fit but also makes your mind healthy. There are several programs for gambling addict that can result highly useful for you.

How to treat a problem with gambling: Outpatient or inpatient gambling addiction therapy?

Help with gambling addiction can be provided on an outpatient basis in a therapeutic practice or inpatient in clinics or. In-patient gaming addiction help is recommended if the addiction is already very pronounced after gaming. Many of those affected find it easier to forego gambling in the clinic because they are not constantly exposed to temptation. Some clinics now offer special treatment programs for gambling addicts. 

Outpatient therapy has a particularly good chance of success if the patient receives support from friends or family at home. It is also important for outpatient treatment that the gambling addict has the will to stop gambling and accordingly tries to maintain the abstinence. The advantage of outpatient treatment is that the person affected can go about their normal everyday life and put learned behavior into practice immediately.

Individual and group therapies take place both on an outpatient and inpatient basis. The goal is to abstain from gambling. For many gamblers, giving up gambling is unimaginable and frightening at first. Because for a gambling addict, gambling becomes the focus of life. Other leisure activities and social contacts take a back seat. In therapy, the therapist works with the client to reactivate hobbies and restore social contacts. Social and professional integration in society are important prerequisites for successful and long-lasting abstinence from gambling. With the support of self-help groups, those affected can sustainably combat their gambling addiction. The self-help group provides the necessary support, especially after therapy has been completed. Because the risk of relapse is now very high.

Gambling addiction therapy with medication?

So far, there have been no promising investigations into the drug treatment of gambling addiction. However, gambling addicts often suffer from other mental disorders, such as alcohol addiction or depression. These must be treated accordingly with medication and therapy so that gambling addiction therapy is effective.

Help for relatives

Relatives often suffer just as much from gambling addiction as the person affected. They are also often caught up in the problem. First of all, many downplay the problem and protect the player from critics. Sometimes they also extend the duration of the addiction because they settle the gambling debts of the person concerned or their outstanding bills. The hope remains to be able to help the person affected and to move him to reason. This desire is fueled by false promises made by the player.

As obvious as it may be to outsiders that the player can solve their problems by stopping gambling, for those affected this step is hardly possible without professional help. Many relatives only realize late that they cannot influence gaming behavior. Often their own social life also suffers from the addiction of their friend or partner and they have to share their debts.

Anyone who has a pathological gambler in their family or friends can help. But you shouldn’t lose sight of yourself. Maintain your social network of friends and acquaintances and deal openly with your loved one’s problem. Get support at an early stage from advice centers for gambling addiction, debt counseling and family helpers.