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How to tell fake or genuine Oakley sunglasses

fake or genuine Oakley sunglasses

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What are the best ways to tell between fake or genuine Oakley sunglasses? Our illustrated guide shows you the clues to check so you don’t end up with fakes.

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The Oakley logo, an oval “O” can be found on almost all products. In addition, the products are primarily known for their futuristic design, which is intended to symbolize a combination of organic and artificial. Not only the well-known cyclists made the glasses so well known. Oakley sunglasses were also worn in action films like Mission Impossible or X-Men.

In 1975 Jim Jannard founded the American company Oakley. In 1980, Jannard sold his first motocross goggles called “O-Frame”. The breakthrough came in 1985 when he sponsored the American cyclist Greg Lemond, who won the Tour de France in 1986 with Oakley sunglasses. In 1986 further models came onto the market which were particularly practical due to their alternating gas system. Today, the company, which is primarily known for its sunglasses and ski goggles, also manufactures watches, backpacks, clothing, shoes and many other sporting goods.

Best ways to tell between fake or genuine Oakley sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses, like many other branded products, have many counterfeits on the market. How you can recognize these plagiarism, which is called “Foakleys” or “Jokelys” on the web, is shown below using the example of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.

The price of Oakley sunglasses

As a rule, Oakley sunglasses cost between $90 and $250. Of course, there are also special models that can cost up to $500. However, do not fall for offers that are too cheap. There are simply no new Oakley glasses for $30! If a supplier sells a product for a much lower price than everyone else, it is almost certainly a fake product.

Oakley logo

Oakley Holbrook temple frames

The Oakley logo, an oval “O”, is on all glasses of the brand on the temple next to the hinge. With original Oakley glasses, the logo is embedded in the frame . If the logo is only printed on your glasses, it is almost certainly a fake.

Oakley lens

Oakley Holbrook glasses

It is also important to know that the Oakley logo on original Oakley glasses is never engraved or printed on the lens. For models with anti-reflective lenses, the “polarized” or “prizm” lettering is lasered into the lens. However, you will never find the Oakley logo on the lens of an original .

Oakley sticker

Distinguish Oakley Holbrook Stickers Original & Fake

You can also use the sticker on the lens of Oakley glasses to check whether it is original or fake glasses. If the sticker leaves traces of the adhesive when removed, it is 100 percent a cheap counterfeit. Oakley uses a sticker with a “P” for its polarized lenses, but the stickers on original Oakley sunglasses are made in such a way that they leave no residue .

Oakley serial number

Distinguish Oakley Holbrook serial number original & fake

You can recognize original Oakley sunglasses by the serial number printed  on the temple of the original glasses. The serial number has two different formats depending on the date of manufacture of the Bille.

  • The serial number of older models has the following structure: XX-XXX.
  • The number of newer models, however, starts with “OO” and looks like this: OOXX-XXX. For example, the “Oakley ForehandTM” model has the serial number OO9179-41

Fake sunglasses can also have a serial number. However, these often do not match the correct serial number of original Oakley sunglasses. To be sure, you can check the serial numbers of the different models on the Internet. Since the serial numbers are not engraved, but only printed, the number may disappear over time and due to wear. So if you buy used sunglasses that don’t have a serial number, it doesn’t have to mean that they’re plagiarized.

Oakley glasses case / cloth bag

Distinguish Oakley Holbrook case Original & Fake
When buying branded glasses, either a glasses case with microfiber cloth or a storage bag made of microfiber material is included. In addition to the characteristics of the glasses, you can also tell from the quality of the case whether it is an original or a fake. The Oakley logo is also printed on the Oakley cases. If the logo cannot be found on your pocket, this does not mean that it is a fake.

Report Oakley Forgery

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit, you can report the Oakley counterfeit on the Oakley homepage.