How to set up for solitaire: easy guide, strategies and tips

how to set up for solitaire

Outlines how to set up for solitaire, the rules of play and the best strategies and tips to win at this popular card game.

Probably the most famous card game in the world is called ‘solitaire‘ or sometimes known as ‘patience’. It is therefore very popular in the USA too, but it is not really easy, which is why children do not necessarily like to play it. The course of the game can sometimes be so complicated that it cannot always be played to the end. It depends on the cards turned up how often you can successfully complete a game.
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How to set up for solitaire: overview

Solitaire is a strategic card game for one person. It uses the standard deck of 52 cards, which contains 4 suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Each suit will have a full set of cards from Ace through the numbers then jack, queen and king. The goal is to make four piles — one of each suit — with the cards in the correct order. The card values ​​must be stacked in ascending order – from the ace first as the smallest card to the king as the highest. How to play Go: easy guide and expert Go tips for beginners

How to set up for solitaire: Arrangement of the cards

The rules of the game for solitaire are simple and the card game promises entertaining fun. All you need is a deck of playing cards and a table to conveniently place the cards on.

  • First, seven rows or stacks are dealt out, only the top card of each stack is visible. NUMBER 4 IN OUR MAIN IMAGE DIAGRAM
  • The other 24 undealt cards are stacked next to the vertical rows. NUMBER 3 IN OUR MAIN IMAGE DIAGRAM
  • Above the cards dealt there are always four empty spots, which are for the suit piles you will aim to create, which are sometimes called “stacks”. NUMBER 1 IN OUR MAIN IMAGE DIAGRAM
  • Placing the cards: First lay seven cards face down next to each other.
  • Below that, place six cards in a row, slightly overlapping, then five, four, etc. Uncover the last card in each row.
  • The remaining playing cards form the ‘stock’ pile. Pick up a card from it when you cannot make any more moves from the game. Leave space for a discard pile next to the stock pile. NUMBER 2 IN OUR MAIN IMAGE DIAGRAM
  • Place matching face-up cards one below the other in descending order.

How to set up for solitaire: the rules

  • You are only allowed to alternate black and red cards in the laid-out rows. For example, if you have a red jack in the row and a black 10 in another row, you can place the ten under the jack. A red ten would not be allowed. Then the card underneath the black 10 is turned over and revealed.
  • When you run out of cards to put on, pick up the discard pile and it then becomes the new stock pile.
  • As soon as you flip or reveal an ace, you can begin a suit pile. According to the rules of the game of solitaire, each suit pile of cards begins with an ace. You can place the matching colored cards on the ace in ascending order. For example, Ace of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, etc. to the King of Hearts You can also put the top card from the pile back in the row if you otherwise cannot make any more moves.
  • If all four suit piles are full, you have won the game. If you cannot place any more cards and there are still cards face down, you have unfortunately lost.

The goal of the game

With solitaire, four ‘suit piles’ of one suit each are formed, whereby the cards must be placed in the known order from Ace to King. This same basic rule also applies to all other three batches and cannot be changed or canceled by special agreements or extra rules. Here again is the arrangement of the respective stacks:


Moving cards – this is how you play solitaire to win

As we outlined, basically you can put a card on top of an open card if it fits into the number order and is of the alternate color. Example: If there is a black 8 (clubs or spades) on top, a red 7 (hearts or diamonds) can be placed on it. Then a black 6 may be placed on top of this 7 and so on.

All cards may be moved from one row to the other either individually or in sets, provided that the correct order is always maintained. If a card comes free within a vertical row, it must be turned over. Should a row become empty, a king may be placed on the table, whereby a new row begins. The aim of Solitaire is that all cards are placed in the fourth pile in the correct order. Each stack must start with an ace. If exactly the right cards are released, you can place them on the corresponding ace to create a pile of the same color. An Ace of Spades can be placed on an empty pile and a 2 of Spades can be placed on top. Following these rules are 3 of spades, 4 of spades and so on.

What happens to the pile of unused cards?

Sometimes it happens that you cannot fit cards in the vertical rows. If this is the case, look in the stick. In this pile, the first three cards are originally revealed. The first three cards are on top of each other next to the stick. The top card can be moved, the other two cards cannot be used, only looked at. You can only play with the really top card. If the top card is in the game, the next card that is turned up may be used. If you cannot use the top card either, three additional cards may be turned over. This process can be repeated as often as required. As soon as all cards in the stock have been used, you start again from the beginning. The cards will not be reshuffled for this,

A solitaire game can really last indefinitely and is not suitable for short fun. It is only over when all four piles are filled or you can no longer place cards. If you have all four stacks full, you win solitaire.

Possible game variants to expand solitaire

Traditionally, only the third card of a stock pile can be used. In an extended variant, however, all cards may be revealed and used. This increases the chance of actually being able to play the game to the end. In another version you can limit the use of cards in the stock, namely only at least three times. A time limit can also be set, which means that a time or stop watch is necessary for solitaire. Usually five minutes are then set, similar to what is the case with online games.

Tips for solitaire

Using these strategic tips in addition to the general rules of solitaire will increase your chance of winning the game.

When it comes to solitaire, priority should be given to placing the cards in the pile. The stick should therefore only be used when it is absolutely necessary and the player has no other option for a move. If you look through the reserve pile during the game, you can also get an impression of which cards are in the stock and which are not. The cards from the reserve pile may of course not be used.

Tip: First you should try to reveal the cards in the longest row. If you don’t shorten the longest row, you will have problems getting to the top cards later. It is also important that the cards are evenly distributed or filled; the three stock cards should normally not be played away one after the other. If you do this, you do not change the order of the other cards if you have to go through the stick again later.

Tip 1: First work through the solitaire cards below

With solitaire you should definitely use the cards in the laid-out array, because these piles must first be emptied.See if you can put the cards on top of each other. If you could move several cards at once, you should use the pile that has fewer cards as a guide. This will give you an empty seat at the bottom faster.
You can then quickly fill the empty spaces again. Do not uncover the upper stack until you cannot make another move at the bottom.

Tip 2: Every ace must go up immediately

Remember to move the aces immediately. This is especially true for aces that are in one of the lower stacks. You push this by hand to one of the free spaces. Alternatively, double click on the ace.
You should also move the aces in the top pile immediately. This may give you a chance to move more cards from one of the lower piles.

Tip 3: Place the king in the free space as soon as possible

Work off the stacks below as best you can. You need the free space for kings.

Once you have a vacant spot in the laid-out rows, you should fill it with a king. Then stack all the other cards one after the other on top of this. This way you can also put the cards on top later.
If you have the choice between two kings, you should pay attention to which suit you can then use to stack the most cards.
Incidentally, the same applies to two free spaces. Ideally, fill this with once with a black and once with a red king. This increases the probability of being able to play several cards at the same time.

Tip 4: rearrange the cards

If you can no longer make any moves or if nothing seems logical to you, you should reallocate. To do this, look at the cards and swap them so that you can put some cards down on top. Relocating is important and often the only way to master the game. How to win Connect 4: strategies and tips for beginner and advanced