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How to replace an iPhone battery

iPhone battery change

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After about 300 charging cycles, the performance of any rechargeable battery decreases, as with the iPhone. The replacement with the aid of repair kits is no problem. We show how we proceeded with the battery exchange to replace an iPhone battery.

The battery is a weak point in older mobile phones. For smartphones with permanently installed batteries, there are repair kits that you can use to exchange them yourself.

If you own a relatively new iPhone and still have a warranty on it, you should not try the battery replacement yourself. Opening the device will void the warranty immediately and if something goes wrong, the iPhone will be gone. In addition, iPhones are waterproof from the 7th generation and therefore only very expensive to open. In any case, after a self-intervention, the protection against water no longer exists.

But even older devices without residual guarantee should not immediately come under the screwdriver. Since it became public that Apple has reduced the performance of devices with faltering battery, the company offers battery replacement for all devices from the iPhone 6/6 Plus for 29 euros. The offer is valid until the end of the year and is the best option to breathe new life into the older device.

The situation is different with models that are even older. The iPhone 5S does not fall under the exchange offer and devices like the iPhone 5, 4S or 4 anyway. In the best case, a battery replacement at Apple costs about $100, but can often be more expensive if the repairers other deficiencies such as chipped glass must be removed to get to the battery. So it may be worthwhile to replace the battery yourself.

We tried this on an iPhone 6 with a set from an online store. It contains everything you need – from the battery to special adhesive strips to the screwdriver.

For each set, there is a video tutorial on the homepage, so that the installation is easily feasible for the inexperienced. The iPhone battery is a replica – like all the spare parts that you do not buy directly from Apple.

Replace an iPhone battery: step-by-step in pictures

replace an iPhone battery 1.jpg

Step 1. Get a repair kit, which includes the battery, special adhesive strips and a tool set

Step 2/6: Open the device: Loosen all screws, use the plectrum to release the display from the frame and lift off the display with the suction cup.

replace an iPhone battery 1.jpg

Step 3/6: Loosen contacts and vibration motor. Carefully loosen the exposed cable contacts and the vibrating motor with the lever tool

replace an iPhone battery 1.jpg

Step 4/6: Pull out battery glue. Slowly pull out the two battery adhesives so that they do not tear. Then you can take out the battery.

Step 5/6: Apply new battery glue. On the underside of the replacement battery, press the two new battery adhesives and peel off the protective film.

replace an iPhone battery 1.jpg

Step 6/6: Insert the battery. Insert the new battery with the attached battery adhesives into the housing. Reassemble everything — ready.


Removing the adhesive strips under the old battery is the trickiest part. Most good sets coms with a replacement battery and all the necessary tools.

The battery replacement set is a good alternative. A clear recommendation for do-it-yourselfers who want to use their functioning mobile phone even longer.