How to peel tomatoes easily

Peel tomatoes easily

How do you peel tomatoes easily? Our guide shows you different ways and tips to peel tomatoes with no fuss!

Fresh tomatoes are simply delicious. A bit annoying, however, is the relatively tasteless skin. Therefore, it may make sense if you peel the tomatoes before you prepare them. You don’t need a machine or any other kitchen helpers that you don’t own anyway. We would like to present you with tips and tricks below, with which you can free the tomatoes from their skin in no time.

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Ways to peel tomatoes easily

1. What is the point of peeling tomatoes?

The skin of the tomato is naturally edible and does not need to be removed. But this is different if you want to prepare soups or sauces from the vegetables, for example. Many recipes require you to peel the tomatoes.Also for bruscetta and for bolognese the skin is not needed.

The piecemeal skin tarnishes the taste – and of course this should not be the case. In addition, it should not be neglected that the skin of the tomato is also much harder to digest. This is a particular problem for people who are already suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

These are certainly sufficient reasons to remove the shell before preparing it. Removing the skin before preparation is therefore highly recommended, but not so easy, because the tomato skin is very thin and firm. That is why we would like to show you how to proceed correctly.

2. What materials are needed?

Geschälte Tomate

If you want to peel your tomatoes before eating, there are different options.

In order to peel the tomatoes, you do not have to rely on expensive machines or unnecessary kitchen helpers. Everything you need for the process, you should have in your kitchen anyway.

  • Fresh and ripe tomatoes
  • Pot
  • Kettle
  • Bowl
  • Sharp knife

3. Step by step guide: Blanch and peel the tomatoes

You don’t need a machine and no trick is needed to free the tomato from the shell. If you want to prepare tomato sauces or tomato soups, do the following:

  • Take a sharp kitchen knife in your hand.
  • You have to score the tomato crosswise on the underside. This is necessary for the skin to peel later.
  • Meanwhile, bring water to the boil in the kettle.
  • Pour the boiling water into a saucepan and add the tomatoes.
  • Make sure that the tomatoes completely submerge.
  • Now the tomatoes have to blanch for about 20 seconds.
  • Then you can remove the vegetables from the pot with a foam trowel.
  • The tomato must then be immediately placed in a bowl of cold water. The cold is particularly important for the further step of peeling.

Now you can start peeling the tomato. This requires a bit of care, because you would otherwise crush the vegetables.

peel tomatoes easily

If you peel the tomato with the knife, you must be careful.

  • First, remove the tomato from the water bath and drain it. To do this, place it on a piece of household paper.
  • Rotate the tomato so that you see the inscribed spot.
  • With a sharp knife, grab the end and gently peel off the skin.
  • Peel the tomato completely and then set aside.
  • Process with all the tomatoes in this way.

4. Last minute trick: Tomatoes from the microwave

Good to knowDepending on the recipe, you can also roast the tomatoes in the oven. Halve the tomatoes and put them in the oven for about 12 minutes. This makes light toasted aromas unfold and makes it easy to remove the skin.

If you want to peel the tomatoes but spend as little time as possible, this trick can prove successful. All you need is a microwave. First, you need to scratch the tomato again.

Then place the vegetables in the microwave at 650 watts for about 30 seconds. This should already be sufficient for you to replace the skin. However, this method is a little more dangerous, because it may happen that the tomato bursts. So don’t leave the vegetables out of sight.

Another trick: If you have a Bunsen burner, you can also use it. All you need to do is skewer the tomato on a fork and work the skin from a distance with the kitchen bunsen burner. It is enough if you only aim for a short time at the tomato. Otherwise, the skin would only burn and make the tomato inedible. Then you can simply peel off the skin and process the tomato according to the recipe.