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How to make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

There’s an increasing need to use less plastic, and one of the simplest ways is to make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps instead of using plastic bags. Newspaper bin liners are so easy to make and use that you’ll end up wondering why you used plastic ones for all those years… filling the rubbish dumps, and making the sellers of plastic bags rich!

Thre’s no doubt that plastic is convenient, but the price we all pay for that convenience will cost us more in the end. And yes, there are now a heap of supposedly ‘green’ options on the supermarket shelves, but be very careful what you are buying. Many are marked ‘degradeable’ but this just means that the plastic breaks down into tiny, tiny pieces, that wash out to sea — and then we’re back with a big problem as fish eat them.

Nearly everybody is swamped with this free newspaper in our junk mail. And no matter how big the NO JUNK MAIL PLEASE sticker on your letterbox, they just keep coming. So here is a double barrelled solution: you can stop using plastic bags, and at the same time find a use for the junk mail newspapers with our guide to make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps. After all the newspapers are rubbish anyway, so use them to better dispose of your other rubbish.

If you are lucky enough to not be barraged with junk mail newspapers all the time, and don’t buy newspapers yourself, just ask the local newsagent if you can have some of their day old ones that they haven’t sold. They usually just throw them out anyway. Bear in mind that the larger your kitchen bin is, the larger you will need the newspapers to be.

Make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps: how to do it


Layer sheets of the newspaper to make a square shape. It’s good to have the square be at least 4 layers thick. If you have a lot of food scraps that might be moist, you will probably want to have more layers, perhaps 6 or 8 … but you do get to a stage where if it is too thick it becomes harder to fold. If you are using the junk mail newspapers, which are often smaller than normal newspapers, you will need to use more sheets to make up the right sized square.

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

Now fold your layered square in half diagonally so you form a neat triangle.

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

Now fold one corner across the triangle to meet the edge of the newspaper on the other side.


Do the same with the other corner. This will give you a ‘pocket’ in a five-sided shape with a flat side at the bottom.

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

Now you fold down the layers of the top flaps so you can access the inside of the pocket. The more layers you fold down, the sturdier the top will be, but you should fold at the very least three of the layers. Then fold them over again so you have a neat double edge… this gives even more stability.

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps

Open it out slightly, and … boom! There is your bin liner. The first time you make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps, you will be surprised at how quickly you can do it. We like to make a few at the same time and store them in the pantry. And it doesn’t matter if your kitchen bin is round or square… the bin liner will sit easily in there. When you have filled the bin liner with rubbish, just fold over the top and dispose of it in your outside bin, happily knowing that over time in the landfill, the paper will break down and you are not adding more plastic. Also, if you have a compost bin for your garden, this makes a great holder for fruit and vegetables scraps and you can just put the liner in the bin with the scraps inside it.

make a newspaper bin liner in easy steps