How to leave a review on Etsy: steps to write or delete reviews

How to leave a review on etsy

We guide you through how to leave a review on Etsy, and how to remove a review on Etsy if it is unfair or dishonest.

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Etsy is now one of the world’s largest marketplaces for handmade products, vintage goods and more. Here, not only hobby artists now offer their works, but build up entire existences. The number of active sellers is steadily increasing – last year, according to Statista, there were 4.3 million sellers worldwide — up from 2.6 million the previous year. Nevertheless, Etsy has retained the character of an authentic community. Buyer valuations certainly contribute to this, so it is helpful to know how to write a review on Etsy.

Positive reviews on Etsy are worth a lot. On a platform that puts authenticity and handmade things first, personal opinions are even more important than on other e-commerce platforms.

85% of consumers trust online reviews and choose to buy them because of them. Online shoppers appreciate other customers’ feedback, especially when they buy something they can’t see and touch in person. That’s why it’s important that your articles include ratings and ratings.

The good news is that the platform is already helping you with how to leave a review on Etsy: Etsy automatically asks customers for feedback on the products. Some sellers go one step further and encourage customers to rate their items, or include a note in their shipments thanking you and asking their customers to review the purchase.

How to leave a review on Etsy

  • On or the Etsy app, click You.
  • Click Purchases and reviews.
  • Find the item you want to review.
  • Click the star rating you want to give next to Review this item.
  • Add at least five words of text to describe the item and/or the service you received.
  • If you left a five-star review, you can upload an optional picture.
  • Click Post Your Review.
  • If you purchased several items from the same shop, you can leave a review for each item.

How to delete a review on Etsy

Customer reviews such as Etsy marketplace can affect a company’s reputation and revenue. If an Etsy review violates the personal right or the internal seller guidelines, there is a right to deletion. Report a review, check Etsy’s legality. A lawyer can act much more effectively: he can oblige Etsy to solve the problem.

At a glance

  • Reviews on the Etsy marketplace are generally protected as an expression of opinion by Article 5 of the Basic Law.
  • However, you have a right to delete if a review violates applicable law or Etsy seller policy.
  • According to a ruling of the Federal Court of Justice, Etsy must respond to legal demands.
  • Alternatively, you can report an Etsy review: Etsy only reviews the review based on its own guidelines and does not sanction any infringements of the intellectual property.

When can I delete an Etsy review?

Deleting a bad Etsy rating is possible in three cases:

The evaluation violates the rules

You can have a bad Etsy review deleted if the rules are violated as with these examples:

  • Insult:”The seller is a spinner and has no idea about his products.”
  • Untrue factual statement:”The seller ripped me off.”
  • Insult:”The seller is a full idiot.”
  • Defamation as a special form of insult: “The seller evades taxes because he does not show VAT.”
  • If such an offence occurs, the assessor shall even have a claim for damages.

The valuation violates seller guidelines

If an Etsy review includes discriminatory, offensive, obscene content, private information, or advertising, it violates Etsy policies and can be deleted.

The evaluation is a targeted reputational damage

If you can provethat with a low star rating without text a targeted reputation damage was intended, you can have it deleted. For example, if the assessor was not a customer with you, this justifies the deletion of his review.

For this proof, save the link to the review and take a screenshot.

You can do this in addition to a deletion:

  • Comment on negative reviews and show your customers that their concerns and a good customer relationship are important to you – even in the event of conflicts.
  • Clarify disputes objectively and politely: Often a sincere apology ends a conflict and creates a positive communication climate.
  • Respond to the wishes and problems of your customers and offer individual solutions.

How do I have it removed?

Customer reviews affect your reputation and therefore your sales. If you want to protect your revenue and defend yourself against negative Etsy reviews, you have two options:

You report the negative Etsy rating

After selling a product on Etsy marketplace, you only have 100 daysto report a negative rating: Click “Report this review” under the appropriate review. Etsy reviews a reported review of internal seller policies. If the platform considers a rating to be admissible, it remains valid and visible.

You appoint a lawyer to delete the review

Etsy reviews a reported review only based on its own policies – applicable laws and intellectual property violations are not part of this review process. The chances of deletion may therefore be low and possible legal violations remain unpunished.

An Internet law lawyer can protect you from the consequences of negative Etsy reviews much more effectively and successfully – even if the 100-day deadline has already expired:

A lawyer will review your review based on applicable law and seller guidelines to establish beyond doubt a violation of the law. He finds the reviewer, proves the violation of the law, identifies reasons for deletion and asks Etsy to delete him.

Due to the Blogspot judgment (2011) of the Federal Court of Justice, Etsy may not ignore legal claims and notices and must comply with the request.