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How to build a massage table: DIY guide

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This guide outlines how to build a massage table, explaining factors like design features, widths and materials list for DIY assembly.

In fact, the design of a massage table is not complicated. But it has higher requirements in terms of reliability, convenience, as well as safety. If you have a desire, basic skills with tools, and the need to get your own table for medical procedures, I will try to explain how and what you need to do.

How to build a massage table: overview

Design features

Making a massage table with your own hands is quite simple. This is a piece of specialized furniture. It looks like a couch. But it has a slightly different functional purpose. The same sofa-couch is used for rest. And massage table are for medical or cosmetic procedures.

The surface is hard and flat but has a soft upholstery. Due to this, the client relaxes, And the specialist can work on all parts of the body. Tables equipped with movable headrests are used in beauty salons. This simplifies the work of the master and also helps in carrying out certain procedures. There are also adjustable designs, with which you can carry out some manipulations in a half-sitting position of the patient.

Which design to choose for how to build a massage table

Before you embark on the carpentry steps for how to build a massage table, you need to determine the type, scheme, size, and other parameters of the design.

Structurally, massage tables are divided into 3 categories:

Stationary. Rather heavy and bulky. Suitable for medical institutions, Recommended for hospitals, salons, and massage rooms. The headrest is usually movable. Made of steel and wood;

Movable. Mobile and weigh no more than 10-15 kilograms. They can be used in different rooms, simply rolling and from office to office;

Folding. These tables can be packaged in a suitcase and transported to the client. Relevant if the therapist is working at the client’s home;


There are certain standards on which you can rely in how to build a massage table :

Width. Varies from 50 to 80 cm. Narrow designs are not suitable for relaxing massages. A big table makes a specialist tired faster but at the same time such tables are popular for pair massages like the couples massage in Dubai. Anyway, the optimal width for a single massage is 70-76 cm;

Length. There are options from 184 till 200 cm. The optimal one is 185-190 cm. It is important that the client fully fits on the table, and his legs or head does not dangle;

Height. Focus on a range of 55 to 85 cm. If there is an adjustment, you won’t have to choose.

In the first step for how to build a massage table, make a sketch, make a full blueprint with measurements, and purchase the necessary materials.

How to assemble a wooden massage table

Materials you need for how to build a massage table:

  • 2 plywood sheets 90×60 cm with a thickness of 9-12 mm;
  • 18 meters of a wooden bar with a section of 20×50 mm;
  • artificial leather 110×210 cm;
  • 14 units of hinges 1.8×5 cm.

Do not forget about the filler, as well as a standard set of tools and fasteners for working with wooden structures.

How to build a massage table: Step by step

Tthe process goes like this:

  1. Make a tabletop of plywood. Here it is recommended to cut a hole for the face. The average size is 180×120 mm;
  2. Assemble the frame. In terms of size, the frame and the tabletop should coincide. Connecting perform with self-tapping screws 45 mm. I advise you to make thin holes before screwing in the self-tapping screws. This way the wood will not crack;
  3. Then the padding is attached and the upholstery material is fixed. Glue the foam or polyurethane with joinery glue. Cut off the excess with a knife. It is easier to fix the upholstery with a stapler;
  4. Make the legs. They are made from wooden planks 85.5 cm long. You screw them to the frame, and also make spacers at the bottom

You can also make struts along the length of the table. This will give the structure more stability and reliability.

Everything is completed with the final finishing. The table is covered with varnish, or treated with paint in the color you want.

To sum it up

It is not so difficult to assemble a massage table by yourself. The design for how to build a massage table is quite simple, and also does not require special skills and knowledge.

It is important to follow the plan and strictly consider all the dimensions. Then the probability of a successful outcome of the assembly increases several-fold!

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