How to build a house in Skyrim: complete guide

how to build a house in skyrim (1)

Guide on how to build a house in Skyrim outlines land purchase, list of building materials and the processes for construction plans.

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If you got the DLC “Hearthfire” for Skyrim, you can start building your own house almost immediately. Before doing this, however, you must first purchase a plot of land. If you have activated the DLC in the data content of the Skyrim launcher, you will receive a letter from Jarl Siddgeir in Falkenring relatively quickly in the game via a courier. Even if you’ve never run into them before, they’ll offer you a piece of land that you can (well, almost) cultivate as you wish.

How to buy land in Skyrim

There are now three plots of land in Skyrim that you can purchase in the first step of how to build a house on Skyrim:

  • Haus Seeblick (Falkenring): Become Thane von Falkenring
  • Haus Heljarchen (Pale): Completed “A Living Nightmare”
  • Haus Windstad (Hjaalmarsch): Finishes “The Last Rest”

Each estate costs 5000. If you have bought a property, you will find a quest in your diary under “Other” in which you should visit your new property. The new house is visible on the map and can be reached by fast travel.

How to get building materials in Skyrim

In order for the next step in how to build a house Skyrim, you will need some basic materials. These are primarily:

  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Quarry stone
  • Iron¹

¹At the anvil next to the construction site you have to forge nails, locks, hinges and fittings from it under “Construction materials”

Wood must be bought from sawmills. For a few hundred sevenths you get 20 tribes each. If you have appointed a bailiff ( ask a companion to take over this post), you can also supervise him with the corresponding task and immediately receive the trunks without having to travel first.

Clay can you close to water harvesting on clay pits. One of them is not far from the house.

You chop off quarry stone with a pickaxe directly at the craftsman’s table in your house.

For the iron building materials you have to mine iron. An ore vein is also located near the artisan table.

For extended buildings and interior decor, you will later need additional materials such as glass, straw, fur, leather strips and so on. You can buy some of these materials from the general stores in the cities, while others have to be hunted down or otherwise collected.

How to build a house in Skyrim: Build a small house first

Before you have an immense property on your property, you first have to build a small house. For this you have to complete seven construction plans one after the other at the craftsman’s table as these are the stages for how to build house Skyrim.

how to build a house in Skyrim - Every beginning is a small house

The building materials required for this are as follows:

Part of the house  Materials needed  
foundation1x wood10x quarry stone
Wall frame6x wood10x nails
Walls2x wood4x clay8x nails
ground4x quarry stone
Roof frame6x wood
top, roof1x wood10x nails
entrance1x wood2x nails1x iron fittings1x lock2x hinges

Once the house is up, you can move in. Inside there is no furniture except for another sketch table. Here you can now build all sorts of inventory, provided that your building materials give it away. Changes can only be made radically later by completely deleting the furnishings of a room.

Build the main hall

With a finished main hall, your house is much more impressive. Several rooms can be accommodated in it. Simply put the construction plan on the craftsman’s table and off you go.

how to build a house in Skyrim - The main hall has two floors and can also have a spacious basement

The materials required for this are as follows:

Part of the house Materials needed
door1x wood2x nails1x iron fittings1x lock2x hinges
foundation4x wood30x quarry stone
ground6x quarry stone
Wall frame16x wood20x nails
Walls of the first floor4x wood8x clay16x nails
Support beam for the upper floor6x wood10x nails
Roof frame10x wood
Walls of the upper floor4x wood8x clay12x nails
top, roof2x wood50x quarry stone25x nails

If the main hall is standing, the rooms of which you can decorate in a variety of ways, you can build three additional extensions with three rooms each in addition to the basement. The extensions are divided into the north wing, west wing and east wing and each have a tower.

You can create additional buildings or usable areas on your property. For example, a stable for your horses, a small garden for growing vegetables, an animal enclosure or an apiary.fullscreenThe built house can then be expanded in “Skyrim”. 

To do this, you have to convert your main hall into an entrance hall, which unlocks further options. Among other things, your property can now be expanded by three more wings, which also allows you to expand your family and servants.

North wingEast wingWest wing
Alchemy laboratoryLibraryGlasshouse
storage roomWeapons storebedroom
Trophy roomkitchenEnchanter’s Tower

Alternative: how to buy a house in Skyrim

However, if you don’t feel like building a house yourself, you can still buy a finished home in “Skyrim”. To do this, you first need the Jarl’s approval by completing all quests and assignments for him. Once you have completed that, he will send you to his governor, who in turn will make you an offer for one of five houses in Himmelsrand.

Depending on the location and equipment, the accommodations have their price: While the cheapest house (Brisenheim) costs 5,000, you have to put 25,000 on the table for the most expensive (Gut Stolzspitze). Furnishings such as furniture or decoration are of course added on top.


  1. With the DLC “Hearthfire” you can also build your own house in “Skyrim”
  2. First you have to purchase a plot of land and then lay down a foundation
  3. Houses need different building materials that can be found / bought in different places
  4. After the house has been built, you can create additional buildings or usable areas on your property
  5. The house can also be expanded later
  6. As before, you can of course also buy a finished house – but that can cost a lot of money