How to find a job – 5 mistakes to avoid

find a job

What are the best ways to find a job? Our guide outlines the 5 top mistakes people make in their job search. Avoid these errors to get a job.

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Looking for a new job is usually a tedious, exhausting and sometimes frustrating time. When rejection after rejection ends up in your inbox, it’s understandable that you’re frustrated. To make this time a little more pleasant, positive and entertaining, read in the following blog five mistakes that you should avoid when looking for a job so that you don’t ruin your chances of getting a new job.

Find a job by avoiding these 5 mistakes

1. No plan

The job search requires time, commitment and, above all, planning. Do not rush into the application process haphazardly, but first think about how you want to approach the task. Ask yourself the following questions: For which positions and in which industry do you want to apply? How do you want to stand out?
If you don’t have a plan, you may be wasting your chances of finding a suitable job.

2. Neglecting your ‘Vitamin R’

Many jobs these days are filled by Vitamin R – R for Relationships. Build up a professional network to benefit from the contacts. If you don’t already have one, go to job fairs, lectures or take part in networking events. This increases your chances enormously and also demands your own self-confidence.

3. Lack of organization

The more applications you have written, the more an organization is necessary. Of course, it’s good to write a lot of applications. However, having these stored unorganized in a folder or on the desktop in a messy mess or lying around makes the whole thing more difficult. Imagine a recruiter calls you and you don’t even know which position you applied for, let alone which company – a nightmare. 

Another example: If you want to inquire about the status of your application but no longer know which companies have already given you feedback, it becomes clear that you need to be more organized. Without the right organization, your job search quickly sinks into chaos, is not productive and you could lose valuable opportunities.

4. Think about your health

As already mentioned, the job search can take a long time and become a burden. The pressure to find a job is growing and many job seekers forget their health. Not only the psyche is meant, but also the physical well-being. Many overwhelm themselves, do not sleep enough and do not take time for other activities, such as sports. So it is important that you also think of yourself.

5. Unnecessary self-doubt

Don’t expect to get a positive hit the first time you apply. Of course there can be, but this is rather the exception for the majority. If you’ve received rejections from multiple companies, don’t doubt your skills. Of course, negative feedback is frustrating, but don’t make the mistake of taking it personally. If you lose yourself in self-doubt, you will only lower your chances even further. Try to be objective and learn from the experience so that you do better next time.

Positive attitude

Your attitude can have a massive impact on the job search. This is the result of a study by the University of Missouri, which found that positive emotions have a decisive influence on job search success. According to this study, a concrete plan and the setting of personal career goals are clearly beneficial for the letter of motivation and the résumé. A positive attitude also significantly improves the chances of an interview.

The study also showed that an application plan should be made in order to continuously evaluate personal progress. Furthermore, applicants should take rejection and setbacks into account, as this helps to maintain a positive attitude. 

Avoid making these five mistakes and you will get through the application phase well. Physically and mentally. It is important that you do not lose heart.