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How to work properly in a home office

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What are the best strategies to work properly in a home office? Our guide outlines the 6 key factors to work successfully at home.

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Do you currently have the option of working from home in the home office? During the corona pandemic, our entire social and work life is turned upside down and for employees who work in the office, the home office is a very good way to stay productive and keep the job. In order for you to remain as productive as you set out to do, however, some conditions must be created. In the following, tips on the right working atmosphere, working hours and observance of breaks are to be given.

Tips to work properly in a home office

Working atmosphere

You should create a place where you feel comfortable on the one hand, but where you can also concentrate on the other. At first glance, your sofa appears to be a suitable place, but you shouldn’t mix places of relaxation and work. In a place of relaxation you are automatically less concentrated and less motivated to work. 

So look for a workplace that exudes the work atmosphere – the desk offers a few options here. Make sure there is as little as possible to distract you. This also means that you sit down to work in a room that is less used by your family members or roommates.

Fixed working hours

Set yourself clear working hours that you adhere to. This is the only way to create a routine and concentrate on your work. Breaks are just as important – you should also set fixed times for these. Your routine enables you to have achieved something at the end of the day – consequently to generate a sense of achievement – and you can enjoy your free time after work with the family.

Agreements on use of the space

Let your family or roommates know from when to when you work so that you cannot be approachable for every little thing. Interruptions in the work process can cost a lot of energy and time – you need more time to concentrate on a task again if you have been distracted than to inform your family or roommates of your working hours early on!

No pajamas!

Part of the routine to be followed is to freshen up every morning and put on something neat! You don’t have to wear a tie and suit or high heels, but a little makeup or perfume can work wonders too. In addition, you are then prepared for a video chat meeting at any time – at least externally!

Take well-planned breaks

Despite the great temptation, you shouldn’t work all the way through at home in order to be able to finish work earlier later! A lunch break gives you a clear goal and allows your brain to relax for a while as planned. Really use the break to relax and do not get the idea of ​​”briefly” throwing the household, this leads to an unnecessary and additional stress factor. It can be helpful to change rooms during the break and talk to the family so that there is some social interaction before you can sit back at your workplace in peace.


Even if this time is both mental and physical, we should only make the best of it to survive the pandemic unscathed. This also includes working in the home office. Use the time in the home office to be really productive, so that at the end of your “working hours” you are not frustrated because you have achieved nothing.

If you have fallen victim to job loss or having your hours cut back, you will still find many jobs that prefer home office! Even short-term employment can then bail you out!

Until then, stay healthy!