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How to digitize after-sales service

digitize after-sales service

What are the best ways to digitize after-sales service to improve customer satisfaction. Our guide outlines the strategy for after-sales service digitization.

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It is often said that after the purchase is before the purchase. However, it is precisely in the so-called after sales service that existing potential is left behind. In the following article we will tell you why this area in particular should be digitized and which quick methods you can use to improve your after sales.

Strengthen customer satisfaction

It is not the product alone that determines whether the customer is satisfied with a company. Often it is also the service after the purchase that can convince the customer to buy something again from exactly the same provider. In the best case scenario, the customer even decides to recommend the company to friends and acquaintances.

But the so-called after sales service is often underestimated and left out, especially when digitizing a company. The increasing cost and competitive pressure in particular requires that not only production but also service be digitized, and obviously the key client satisfaction area is to digitize after-sales service!

The importance of after-sales service

The automotive industry makes it clear how important after-sales service is. For many automobile manufacturers, business only really starts after the car has been sold: maintenance, additional products or upgrades make up a large part of sales and this division is growing every year! By 2030, global sales are expected to increase from currently 800 billion US dollars to 1.2 trillion dollars .

digitize after-sales service

But it is not only such large industries that benefit from a good after-sales experience, smaller retail stores also use these services to prove that they can do more and are more personal than large corporate chains.

The advantages of after-sales service at a glance

  • Information offers for customers
  • Expansion of the offer
  • Better prices
  • Reduction of search and transaction costs
  • Reduction of the purchase risk
  • Entertainment for (potential) customers
  • Support in the post-purchase phase

After-sales service is mostly still analog

But despite the numerous advantages, after sales in many companies is still very analog. In a survey , the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences found that 56 percent of medium-sized companies regularly use paper forms. More than 75 percent even stated that they needed a handwritten signature from the customer for work that was done.

Social media also do not play an important role in after sales. WhatsApp, for example, is mostly only used for internal communication and Facebook and Co. are only used for advertising purposes .

4 tips for better after-sales service

The digitization of after sales service is a long-term task that cannot be completed in a few days. However, so that you can get started right now, we have collected tips and suggestions for you to improve your after-sales service !

Discounts and coupons for a repeat purchase

A simple but very effective after-sales measure is to grant a price reduction of ten to twenty percent in order to make a subsequent purchase without much effort.

Create positive references

Would you buy a product that has no customer ratings at all? If there is a comparable product, but with (positive) reviews, definitely not! Therefore, you should not underestimate customer ratings and actively ask your customers for a short feedback on the website or in social media. You can then use these references for your marketing purposes!

Get feedback

The digitization of after sales also includes obtaining general customer opinions in order to continuously develop the offer. Standstill is prohibited from today! So carry out surveys to find out what your customers want and get yourself ready for the future!

Motivate through personalization

Stand out and get your customers’ attention by personalizing your after-sales concern. For example, address your customers directly by name or send an extra catalog to their preferred area.