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How to impress in an online video meeting

impress in an online video meeting

What are the best ways to impress in an online video meeting? Our guide outlines the simple strategies to make a great impression.

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The corona pandemic affects not only the place or content of the work, but also communication between employees and employers. The orders are no longer given face to face, meetings with more than five people in one room must be avoided. The daily coffee or smoke breaks can now be organized alone, so the general exchange between each other also suffers.

Nevertheless, communication is necessary, for example to clarify conflicts and questions, to discuss how to proceed, or to communicate the status of your work. Everything is still possible – from now on, such meetings will often simply be held from home via video so it is important to impress in an online video meeting.

Even if you are currently unemployed and looking for a job , this post is for you. Whether it is a simple conversation with the employee, a meeting with the team or the interview with the future boss: The following tips for the best possible preparation and implementation of a video call will be helpful.

“Sorry, my camera is broken”

Everyone knows this excuse. Unfortunately it hasn’t moved for a long time. Hiding behind an allegedly defective camera in pajamas does not work well. Video calls serve the purpose of being able to look yourself in the face online, even if you don’t like it. Therefore, be careful not to cover the camera. If you have taped up the camera to protect your privacy, don’t forget to free it during the video call.

Check the camera settings

If the case actually occurs and your camera does not work (any longer) for any reason, check the settings. Sometimes it is necessary to first enable the camera using a checkbox or a hidden controller. If you are convinced that the device’s internal camera would still be of no service to you, try to connect an external camera to the device via USB if possible. Or maybe it’s just an outdated driver.

Test your equipment first

Whether your camera, microphone or headphones work should, of course, be tested in advance, even if you think everything works. Technology can play an inexplicable trick on some people. And mistakes like that are really uncomfortable. Besides, they drag everything out.

The effect of space and light

Pay attention to the setting. Do you already know where in your apartment you would like to make the video call? Then clear the area that the camera sees of things that could distract the other person. Your apartment wanted to be tidy and the selected location must not be affected by background noise. Lighting is also important and is quickly forgotten. It cannot be too dark, but also not too light. Avoid facing the light. If you stand directly in front of a window, it will hardly be possible to recognize you.

The mute function

Mute yourself during a video call – not all the time, of course! But when you have nothing to say, any noise that you may barely hear can be transmitted in the form of an unpleasant crackling sound. It is therefore better to mute the microphone in a meeting with several people, i.e. to mute it while you take on the role of the silent listener.

The bottom line is: the impression left behind remains. Some things do not change despite special circumstances. Prepare well for your video call. Make a good impression, dress appropriately, take notes, maintain eye contact, and actively participate in the conversation. This is how you contribute to a successful meeting or job interview via video call.