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How to set up parental controls in Windows 10

set up parental controls in Windows 10

How do you set up parental controls in Windows 10? Our illustrated step-by-step guide makes it a simple job to keep your kids safe online.

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Would you like to make your Windows PC safer for your children? We’ll show you how.

It is not always possible or sensible to stand permanently behind the children when they use the computer. However, you can still limit and control your child’s Internet use by time limits or the blocking of websites and search terms. Below we give you helpful tips on what you can do in Windows 10 to protect your child.

Windows parental controls using the family group

Note: In order to be able to create a family group with restrictions, your child needs a separate Microsoft account. It is easier to set this up during configuration, but you can really do it at any time.

Follow our step-by-step guide or take a look at the quick guide .

To use parental controls properly, you need to create a family group. To do this, create a family group with your Microsoft account. Then you need to create a Microsoft account for your child and add them to the family group. You can create the family group on the Microsoft website .

Steps to set up parental controls on Windows 10

Select Start and choose Settings to launch the Windows Settings app. Then Select Accounts.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

In the left pane, select Family & Other Users.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Select Add a Family Member if your child does not have a separate account on your device. This step launches a Microsoft Account wizard.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Select Add a Child the either enter your child’s email address or select The Person I Want To Add Doesn’t Have An Email Address.Complete each page of the wizard. The wizard offers different questions if the child does or doesn’t already have an email address.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Read the information offered (what you see here depends on what you selected in Step 5), and choose Close.

Now there are several functions and support from Microsoft / Windows available on the family group page. Click an option for more information and to set restrictions.

Functional range of the Windows family group

On the family group website you will now find further information on the range of functions. You can set various restrictions:

  • Set time limits
  • Restrict Internet Use
  • Set whitelist / blacklist for websites
  • Set whitelist / blacklist for apps
  • Manage credit
  • use shared digital purchases (e.g. Office 365)

Quick start Guide

  1. Go to the Microsoft Family Group website and click ” Create a Family Group “.
  2. Then choose to add a child and enter the email address associated with the child’s Microsoft account. Confirm the addition via ” Send invitation “.
  3. Then, in the ” Pending Member ” section, click ” Accept Now ” and sign in with the child’s account.
  4. Now click ” Yes ” to confirm that this user should join the family group as a child.
  5. On the family group page you will now see the various options below which you can use to make restrictions.

Find, Change, Enable, or Disable Parental Controls (Windows 10)

There’s a fair chance that the default Windows Family Safety controls are already turned on for your child’s account, but it’s good practice to verify if they meet your needs. To review the setting, configure, change, enable, or disable them, or to enable reporting for a Microsoft Account:

Select Start > Settings Accounts Family & Other People, and then choose Manage Family Settings Online.Alternatively, type family into the search box next to Start. Select Family Options and then choose View Family Settings.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Log in if prompted, and then locate the child account from the list of accounts included with your family. Select Screen Time below your child’s name to open the Screen Time tab.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Make changes to the default Screen Time Settings using the drop-down lists and daily timelines.

how to setup parental controls in Windows 10

Select More Options under your child’s name and choose Content Restrictions.

Activate Block Inappropriate Apps And Games and Block Inappropriate Websites.Add any apps or websites you wish to block or allow and select an appropriate age rating.

Select the Activity tab and expand Manage. Select Turn On Activity Reporting and Email weekly reports to me to get weekly reports of your child’s activities while online.To block inappropriate websites and receive web browsing activity reports, your child must use Edge or Internet Explorer. You can block other browsers.

Continue to explore other settings as desired.