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How to assess a smart home system

smart home system

What is the best way to assess a smart home system for advantages and disadvantages? Our guide outlines what you should look out for.

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Smart helpers are conquering our households and giving us more comfort. However, these systems not only have advantages – there are also disadvantages.

If you want to increase living comfort within your own four walls, you can use smart household appliances. These are networked with each other via a so-called base station and operated centrally via a module. But it can also be operated via smartphone while on the move, which has many advantages.

A smart home system can make everyday life easier

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Smart washing machines and refrigerators bring enormous benefits to modern households, since the corresponding wash cycle can be started on the go so that the laundry is ready when the owners come home from work. If the detergent becomes scarce, a notification is sent via smartphone. This can then be used to trigger the order for new detergent. The refrigerator provides information about the groceries required, which makes long shopping lists unnecessary.

The smart coffee machine is able to automatically prepare the desired specialty coffee in the morning. He only needs a short command via smartphone , which can be triggered from the bed if he likes it. Intelligent lighting systems adapt the lighting to the lighting conditions in the room. It is also controlled via smartphone, tablet or directly at the base station. The same applies to televisions and sound systems. Alexa skills often support networking in your own home.

The roller shutters and shading systems can also be conveniently integrated into the smart home. In this way, exact times can be stored at which they open or close. Remote control of the heating system is particularly popular. Especially in the winter months, it is particularly pleasant when the house is preheated warm, when the residents come back after work.

Smart home system advantages

At first glance, three major advantages can be clearly seen: increasing living comfort, improving energy efficiency and increasing safety.

Increased living comfort

Thanks to the central module control and remote control, it becomes much more convenient to operate the various household appliances.

Increased security

The locking systems on doors and windows can also be conveniently controlled using a smartphone or tablet. The days when people pondered excitedly whether the house was actually locked or the iron was switched off are finally over. A single command on the smartphone is now sufficient to dispel the doubts and go to vacation or work with ease.

Improved energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can also be influenced positively. Devices that are normally only put into stand-by mode in the evening before going to bed can now be completely switched off thanks to the networking in the smart home. The brightness in the rooms is automatically adjusted to the existing lighting conditions. Heating systems only heat until a specified room temperature is reached. This clearly shows the potential savings.

… and also disadvantages

Not all devices are compatible with each other

A major problem is the often non-existent compatibility of different devices with each other. This is because there is still no uniform standard for networking. So make sure that you choose a system that has many components.

Expensive complete solutions

Costs also play a significant role when it comes to the disadvantages of setting up a smart home. There are countless individual components that can be integrated into the networked system. Various combinations are possible, which can quickly increase the price. A complete system, however, can be cheaper. However, you must then know in advance what exactly this should include.

Security risk of hackers

Last but not least, there is still safety , which causes concerns for many people. The fear that hackers could gain access to the smart home system is not entirely unfounded. There are of course appropriate safeguards, but the risk can never be completely ruled out. Therefore, make sure that you only use devices that offer encryption in the form of encrypted Internet transmission and, above all, change the default access data immediately after installing the system (for example admin or 1234).