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How to improve concentration skills

improve concentration skills

What are the best ways to improve concentration skills? Our guide explains several ways to do this naturally, and the science behind boosting concentration.

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Concentration problems are not only problematic at work, but also in everyday life. In many cases, they can be treated with simple means.

You probably know that too: If you have to concentrate over a longer period of time, your thoughts wander off again and again and it is difficult to continue to focus on the task. I can reassure you. Because that’s not unusual at all. Our brain is not designed to focus on one and the same thing for hours. After about 60 to 90 minutes it takes a break and the thoughts wander.

However, if the thoughts drift away within a short period of time, this usually leads to a drop in performance. This is particularly problematic in professional life and of course also for pupils and students. It is therefore imperative to do something about the problems and improve concentration skills.

Signs of concentration disorders

Anyone who is affected by a concentration disorder is very easily distracted. As a result, they may not be able to complete tasks because they have to start all over again. Sometimes it happens that they unconsciously do double jobs. Concentration disorders are particularly noticeable in mental activities. If the thoughts wander again and again, this affects the quality of the work to a great extent.

Concentration disorders often also reduce the quality of life of those affected. So they lack vitality and creativity. In addition, they usually feel dull and overwhelmed – as a result, also listless.

Ways to improve concentration skills

To treat a concentration disorder, you need to find out the cause. Often it is simply external influences such as street noise, construction noise or the telephone that disturb the concentration from time to time. However, deficiency symptoms, illnesses or psychological problems can also impair concentration over a longer period of time.

Tip: If you cannot explain where the concentration problems come from, you should consult a doctor. In this case, there is probably an organic or mental illness behind the disorder, which you have to treat so that you can concentrate better again.

Eliminate deficiency symptoms and increase concentration

There are various deficiency symptoms that can affect concentration.

➩ Lack of sleep

Our brain regenerates during sleep. If we get too little sleep, the brain cannot recover enough to be able to perform again the next day.

In many cases, lack of sleep is self-inflicted because we simply go to bed too late. A little self-discipline is simply necessary here to eliminate the lack of sleep.

Tip: The sleep that we do not get at night cannot be made up by taking a nap during the day. Therefore, always make sure you get enough sleep.

Often, however, the lack of sleep is not at fault. So many people suffer from sleep disorders. You simply cannot find sleep or sleep very restlessly. It is important to investigate the causes and eliminate them.

➩ Lack of oxygen

Oxygen deficiency occurs when the air is too rich in carbon dioxide. As a result, we breathe in more and less oxygen, which the brain needs so that it can work.

To counteract such a lack of oxygen, you should ventilate properly . It is not enough to open the windows here. You have to open the windows wide so that the used air can escape and fresh air can enter the room.

If you are at a low performance level, it may also make sense to let the work rest for a while and venture outside into the fresh air. This way you will be more efficient again.

➩ Lack of exercise

If you don’t move a lot, you run the risk of tension or even poor oxygen supply to the body. A poor oxygen supply as well as the pain caused by tension disturb the concentration.

Since sport refreshes the mind and can improve performance, jogging in the morning, for example, is a good way to start the working day in good shape. In addition, sport also reduces stress hormones and releases happiness hormones. Therefore, it makes more sense to do some sport after a stressful day at work instead of relaxing on the couch, and you will find it will improve concentration skills.

Tip: Those who have little movement at work (as in most office occupations) should move as much as possible in between. For example, go for a walk during the break or do a few squats.

➩ Lack of fluid

The human body consists of more than 7 percent water. The brain, with a water content of 75 percent, represents the organ with the largest water content. If we don’t drink enough, our ability to concentrate will deteriorate. Because of the lack of fluids, the blood flows more heavily and the cells in the body – including the brain – move more slowly. This leads to a poor supply of oxygen and nutrients in the brain.

To remedy a lack of fluids, you need to drink something logically. However, it makes sense not to allow a lack of fluids to develop. Therefore, you should not drink until you feel thirsty. Because this feeling is a warning signal of the body for an already existing lack of water in the organism. It is best to always have something to drink so that you can replenish your water balance at any time. Simply drink a glass of water, fruit spritzers or unsweetened teas.

Tip: An infusion of ginkgo leaves is particularly recommended. The ingredients promote blood circulation and the ability to think and thus increase the ability to concentrate.

Coffee has a dubious reputation for removing water from the body. That is true, but the loss of fluid is so olow, that it is completely unproblematic for a healthy body. So no reason to do without the popular stimulant. Especially since a study by the University of Barcelona shows that coffee in moderation (about three to four cups a day) can increase concentration.

➩ Poor diet

A one-sided diet can lead to a lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins. As a result, there may be an undersupply in the brain. If this is the case, the brain cannot work properly and the concentration decreases.

Basically, one can say that eating food generally leads to an increase in concentration. For example, sugar can temporarily increase concentration. For a long-term increase in the ability to concentrate, it is necessary that we eat a balanced diet and supply the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Relieve the mind to improve concentration skills

It is not uncommon for mental problems to be responsible for poor concentration. If it is a serious illness, such as depression or burnout syndrome, you will not be able to manage the symptoms alone. With such diseases, you need to seek professional help.

Often, the problem is simply that we just have too much to do – too much to do at once. The result is stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. It is not surprising that the concentration can decrease. After all, such worries are also to blame for the sleep disorders of many people, because on the one hand they find it difficult to fall asleep and very often sleep restlessly. So that the stress does not make you sick, you should tackle it:

➩ Process tasks according to priority

First, you should make a list of all upcoming tasks and sort them by priority. You can then delete each completed task and watch the list get shorter and shorter. Should you not be able to complete all of the tasks, you know that you have worked through the most important ones and can relax and think about the next day.

➩ Sport helps to reduce stress

If you have had a particularly busy day, sports can help you. Because, as already mentioned above, it is ideal for reducing stress hormones and releasing happiness hormones.

➩ Counter stress with relaxation exercises

You can also tackle stress with relaxation techniques. Just try breathing exercises, autogenic training or maybe meditation.

➩ Nerve nutrition for a clear head

If you are very stressed at work, try some nerve nutrition . It provides the brain with the necessary nutrients so that you can work concentrated again.