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How to tell fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo

fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo

What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo? Our illustrated guide takes you through the strategies to avoid the counterfeiters.

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Ralph Lauren Polo is a cult brand and stands for the highest quality. The polos from RL (Ralph Lauren) are world famous and popular. Great colors and high quality selected fabrics distinguish Ralph Lauren. Who does not know the Ralph Lauren logo with the embroidered tab, whether small or as a big pony — Ralph Lauren never goes out of style.

Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo

There are a few features that you can use to distinguish an original Ralph Lauren polo from a fake:

NIF number

This number is now available in all Polo Ralph Lauren garments. If it is not, it is clearly a plagiarism and is one of the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo.

Here is the image of an original Polo care label for a Ralph Lauren polo shirt with the NIF number.

Ralph Lauren polo shirt back

With custom fit polo t-shirts, the back of the polo shirt is longer than the chest. Plagiarism is often the same length on both sides.

Polo player logo on Ralph Lauren polo shirt

What the crocodile is at Lacoste is the obligatory polo player / rider at Ralph Lauren. This logo is demanding in its production and therefore cannot be copied so easily.

It is important for the embroidery that the horse harness, leg and arm of the polo player are clearly recognizable. The polo racket must be embroidered as shown in the photo. Badly embroidered logos can only be found in counterfeits.

Big Pony polo shirt

The logo shows clearly more details than the “normal” logo. Please see the photo for details.

best ways to tell a fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo

Original logo of Ralph Lauren polo player

Ralph Lauren Big Pony logo

Ralph Lauren label

The main label of Ralph Lauren polo shirts is labeled “Polo by Ralph Lauren”. To the right of the main label is a small label with the size of the polo shirt. Depending on the country of manufacture, information on the shirt’s fabric such as “100% COTTON” may also be found on the label. Under the main label is a label with “CUSTOM FIT” or “SLIM FIT” depending on the cut of the shirt. The labels are always with a yarn in shirt color! sewn on.

best ways to tell a fake or genuine Ralph Lauren polo

Ralph Lauren label on the inside collar

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.