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How to: the best natural laxatives

best natural laxatives

What are the best natural laxatives? Our guide outlines 10 natural laxatives so you can avoid taking harsh chemical ones.

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Constipation can be so corrosive. However, there are 10 natural laxatives that get the intestines going again. Due to a low-fibre diet, more and more people suffer from constipation. If you can’t go to the toilet for a day or two, then it may all be okay. But if this lasts up to a week, then this is very unpleasant, because then of course there are also side effects such as abdominal pain.

The 10 best natural laxatives

Chemical (laxants) and natural laxatives are generally suitable for the treatment of constipation. However, due to the sometimes significant side effects of chemical laxatives, doctors increasingly recommend taking laxatives on a natural basis. That’s why we have the 10 best natural laxatives for you.

1. Home remedies: water

The simplest laxative is water. The intestine needs fluid for the transport of the undigested food. A drinking quantity of two litres of water is recommended here.

2. Home remedies: fiber

A change of diet with a sufficient amount of fiber also supports the peristalsis of your intestine. So eat lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

best natural laxatives

3. Home remedies: buttermilk

Also drinking a glass of buttermilk on an empty stomach can help your intestines on the jumps and stimulate the bowel movement.

4. Home remedies: fruit juices

Fruit juices, especially plum juice, pear juice and pineapple juice are suitable as natural laxatives. However, especially with plum juice, you should start with a glass carefully, otherwise you could get diarrhea.

5. Home remedies: Sauerkraut and juice

You can also achieve very good success with sauerkraut juice or sauerkraut. Especially by absorbing sauerkraut, you give your intestines the opportunity to clean and empty thoroughly and gently.

6. Home remedies: dried fruits

Small tip: At the beginning, you should use only a small quantity, as the dried fruits can have a resounding success.

Dried fruits such as plums, figs or apple rings are also suitable as a natural laxative. Here you have the choice whether to eat the fruits like this or soak the fruits, then eat them and drink the soaking water slightly, or to puree the soaking matter with the fruits and then eat them.

7. Home remedies: oils

Doctors often also recommend oils for removal. Castor oil, linseed oil and high-quality olive oils are eligible. But beware: here too you should dose carefully and start with a tablespoon.

The advantage of the oils is that they make the intestine suppleer through the fats, and thus the stool is transported better.

8. Home remedies: flaxseed/wheat bran/flea seeds

Flaxseed, wheat bran or flea seeds also have a laxative effect. They should be scraped so that they can swell in the intestine. These cereals, for example, can be put well into the breakfast muesli.

9. Home remedies: lactose

Lactose also naturally supports digestion. However, you should not take this remedy with lactose intolerance.

10. Home remedies: Vegetable laxatives

Herbal medicines also encourage digestion in a mild way. However, you should definitely seek advice from a pharmacist before use.

Author: Genevieve Dumas is a food, fashion, health and beauty writer from New York, who has worked for a range of major magazines.